LOTRO: Weekly Update

Even though Project Gold has been taking up most of my time, I have still found time to level up my two hobbits quite a bit and, although Ranhold & Gorfrik have been ignored, good old Nimlarn got a wee bit of love too.

Ranhold – Man, Champion, Historian, Expert Weaponsmith & Master Scholar. Level 40

Apart from hanging around Elrond’s gaff like a bad smell, moaning about all the scrolls he’s having to illuminate for the Scholar’s Guild, poor old Ran saw nary a sword swipe this week. Until last night that is! With Project Gold fading into the background a little, I decided to get my Champ back on his horse and back on the trail of the Epic Story. I managed the former but the latter escaped me somewhat as Ranhold ended up on a side quest to hunt down a pack of murderous wolves led by a fierce (and oddly dread-inducing) Big Bad Spooky Wolf. At level 40 I had no trouble with these guys and was happy to hack and slash them all to shreds as I was gathering in many pristine hides for Nimlarn to turn into leather with which Gorfrik could make me some new armour.

While in the Trollshaws and hunting the spooky old wolf I had a great encounter with another player that really cheered me up after a hard day at work. I was making my way slowly down the curving valley where the wolves lived when I took one of them on. Unbeknownst to me there was another hiding nearby and another wandering around the corner. Now at level 40 I can handle a wolf or two, but three was likely to be a bit closer to the bone than I felt comfortable with, especially as my time away from Ranhold meant my skill rotations were rusty as hell. Sure enough I was soon in trouble as they chomped down on some fine Champion rump and I had to pull a few tricks out of the bag to bring them down. Just as the final one was about to fall (and I was about to start breathing again!) a huge lightning bolt streaked out of the sky and killed it stone dead! Help had arrived and I turned to find a Rune Keeper standing nearby. I bowed my tanks and offered my help if she was on the same quest as me – we teamed up and headed off – it was only then I noticed her level was 33! She was either brave or foolhardy to delve this deep into a high level wolf den at 33 and I knew that I had to stick close to her if she was to survive. The next half hour was great fun! We found & killed the spooky old wolf, although my companion did ‘die’ in that fight as two more wolves chose that exact moment to respawn and I had to bring down the boss and two wolves to allow her to revive. All the way through this (and the journey back to camp) we didn’t speak much but when we did it was in RP and that was a pleasant, fun change to most other interactions I’ve had in-world 🙂

Gorfrik – Dwarf, Hunter, Armourer, Expert Metalsmith & Expert Tailor. Level 23

Nothing to see here, move along. Poor the ignored Dwarf.

Nimlarn – Elf, Minstrel, Woodsman & Journeyman Woodworker. Level 22

I haven’t done much with the pointy eared lute player (or, more rightly, theobro player now) but I have been working on mastering the next level of his woodworking skills (hence the shiny new theobro) and the ash logs he’s been collecting have been well used in the making of bows that are selling slowly but steadily in the AH. Away from the workbench I had some difficulty getting his past the start of his second skirmish tutorial, but that was down to me being a goldangfule and not reading instructions properly – the very nice on-line help at turbine sorted it all out for me in mere minutes as soon as I posted a ticket 🙂

Other than that Nimlarn has made a couple of brief, brave forays into the Barrow Downs (just the Northern ones, he’s nowhere near ready for the Southern Downs yet!) where he has had almost the polar opposite co-operative experience to Ranhold. He helped a noob out with some heals as he battled a wight above ground and then (foolishly) accepted a Fellowship from said noob who promptly chose a big nasty barrow to delve into. I tried to call the noob and explain the seriousness of this decision, but either the guy wasn’t watching the chat or didn’t speak English as I got no answer. Of course the eejet picked a fight with some wights he couldn’t beat and I had to pull both our arses out of the fire before he then went and got himself killed by a troll I also had to kill. At this point I decided to cut my losses and ran like billyo back through the barrow with every wight, spirit and crawler in the place chasing me out! What happened to the foolish noob? I know not and care less.

Hocko – Hobbit, Burglar, Tinkerer & Master Jeweller. Level 18

Holcko, dear Holcko. He was trapped at Level 14 for what seemed like an age and most definitely on the back burner since his Uncle came on the scene and started working on his Project Gold. Until, that is, I had the slightly mad idea of seeing if he could collect a couple of hundred ores of silver (and the three sapphire shards on offer) from Far Chetwood. My kinmates said I was daft but seriously it was the best thing I could have done – he has collected all three shards (plus another from the wandering wolverine Snagpaw), over 150 silver ores, 200 barrow-iron ores (which have brought in 2gp for Project gold!) and a shed load of medium hides. At this rate, he’ll soon be at 20 and I’ll have my first ever Undying title! Happy days 🙂

Rolcko – Hobbit, Guardian, Yeoma, Supreme Farmer & Master Cook. Level 17

What a trooper! Despite running Project Gold for the entire Team Burro, Rolcko has also found time to complete nearly all the quests in the Shire *and* get his farming up to supreme *and* start levelling his cooking *and* join the Cook’s Guild! The guy is a bona fide hero! After clearing the Shire and making Supreme Cook I’m sending his out to Far Chetwood and then the Barrows – he’s going to be my shard collecting man hunting down each and every rare critter in the Breelands 🙂


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