LOTRO: Project Gold pays up!

Mere hours after I had posted my last update on Project Gold I logged in to find out that Rolcko had sold several big ticket items in the AH and pulled in nearly two gold pieces! That combined with Hocko & Nimlarn selling off the task items they’d collected for tasks that were no longer available meant that I had just over 3gp towards my 5gp total in the space of 8 hours – pretty good going!

Being an impatient soul, I decided to go ahead and buy Rolcko’s vault expansion a couple of gp early. As it turned out I made those two pieces a few hours later with a couple more big sales (and another this morning – I’m on fire!).

I’m going to wind down Project Gold for a bit and concentrate on getting Ranhold through the Epic Story and my other guys leveling up their crafting, grinding guild rep and starting skirmishing to gather crafting items. I’m not ditching my AH addiction, far from it, it’s just I need to carry on playing the main game as well 🙂


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