LOTRO: Project Gold – Update!

Project Gold, after a shaky start, has finally paid off! As of this morning, and a couple of days later than my target, I tripped past 10gp! True it took me selling off 100 barrow iron ore & 100 onions my characters had collected and grown, but my plan of buying cheap bargains from the AH and then selling them off again did pay off, just not as much as I had hoped*. Still, I had a blast doing it and I’m not going to stop – my next target is a total of 15gp just so Rolcko can upgrade his vault to cope with the demands his farming and cooking place on it. Anyway, here’s some graphs showing my guys money levels going up and down over the week – the biggest changes are, of course, with Rolcko as he is the main bank and AH guy 🙂

* Although it’s worth pointing out that most of the cheap stuff I bought were single use recipes that will pay back in spades when my guys get to high enough levels (and have the right materials) to make the items and list them in the AH. Some plans are slow burners 😉



  1. I discovered another big moneymaker for you…rare drops.
    Some of the Angmar mobs drop stuff that is desperately needed by various classes, and some of those items are going for 20 – 40 gold EACH. Slime of Helgcham, for example…

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