LOTRO: Project Gold – Update!

As I laid out yesterday, I’ve set myself a task of reaching a total Team Burro wealth of 10 gold pieces by this weekend in a small mini-game I’ve called Project Gold. Well last night, being the first night of the project, was a bit of a near disaster. I’d forgotten that we had guests round and that pushed the whole evening out. Add on top of that the family decision to settle down and watch a movie then nearly the whole night was LOTRO free, which was a shame not only from the point of view that my newly-found capitalist hunger needed feeding, but also from the fact my kin mate Enthallion had invited me to level with him which would have been damn good fun. Sigh. Still I *did* get a brief window in which to send Rolcko to the Auction House and boy oh boy did it pay off this morning!

A while back (a month?) Ranhold gained the first rung of entrance ladder to the Scholar’s Guild in Rivendell and this granted him some special new recipes, amongst which where dye recipes that craft five pots at once instead of the usual one or a crit success three, not to mention some elaborate hues, Lake Evendim Blue instead of the usual Navy Blue for instance. So it was with eager hands he began to craft some for sale which, unfortunately and for whatever reason, did not sell. Sadly they have been languishing in his inventory ever since, seemingly unloved and unwanted… awwww.

Well Rolcko decided to take a punt and re-list them and blimey! they flew out! I awoke this morning to find Team Burro was over 1gp richer! True it doesn’t appear so on my spoddy spreadsheet but that is because Rolcko then put Phase Two of Project Gold into operation and he scoured the listings for anything under-priced he could snap up and make a profit on. Hell’s Teeth some people are giving stuff away – single use recipes for 20sp when they are worth ten times that and produce an item worth at least five times that! Needless to say Rolcko, the greedy little bugger, went on a feeding frenzy and blew the night’s profits safe in the knowledge that Team Burro will be able to sell the results for at least 5 if not 10 gold over the next few days. He better be right or I’ll be sending him to the Lone Lands where the orcs can use his knackers for earrings!

Still, if he is right and can bring home the bacon he’ll be able to pay for everyone to have all the storage they need! Happy days 😀


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