LOTRO: All that glisters…

I’ve said before how much I love the fact that LOTRO isn’t just kill kill kill run run run (although to be fair there is a lot of that, but that is rather the nature of the beast). From fishing to crafting and exploring to selling LOTRO is full of fun side-diversions to stop you burning out . My current love affair is an entirely out-of-character (for me) embracing of my capitalist side as I have fallen in love with selling stuff in the Auction House and raking in the silver and gold pieces used in the game as currency.

I don’t know when it started, I mean I have always listed things in the AH, things I found in the barrows or on dead brigands and orcs that I had no use for, things like crafting recipes or materials that Ranhold, as a Historian, could not use. Some sold, some did not but I listed all for a small value above the price that I could have sold them to a vendor. I now know this was a Very Big Mistake. No wonder the stuff I listed was snapped up! no wonder the stuff I listed failed to make me rich! In my defence this was my first few weeks in my first ever MMO and learning to stay alive in fights took precedence over learning to use the AH. But I wised up – I think it was around the time I was clearing out storage space and decided (in another ill-informed noob move) to use up all my stored Scholar ‘single use’ recipes and sell the resulting crafting crit bonus items in the AH – I decided, as I had never sold one before, to do something I had not done until this point – take the frigging time to see what other people were selling them for! Sounds obvious, but then I’m dumb. And lazy. Never a good combo. So I checked and was amazed to see them going for 1 to 2 gold pieces! I played it sharp and placed mine just under most others and lo and behold by the next day I had sold one for 1g 500s! Over the next week or two I sold most of the rest and found I was now hooked on selling stuff!

The AH (gawd bless ‘er) has funded several storage expansions for all my characters, bought both my houses and even allowed me to recover from my one and only AH disaster when I acidentally bought a stack of metal for what I thought was a bargain of 500sp but was in fact 2 gold and 500 silver! I just didn’t see the 2g and hit BUY – there is no confirmation box, it just does it there and then. Ouch.

Currently, now that I have five characters, the AH is being managed by Rolcko. Everyone dumps saleable items (found or made) into the shared storage and he lists them in the AH in Michel Delving and this system is working well. I’ve even started a new side project, a game within a game just for me. Project Gold *cue dramatic music and run some old footage of Goldfinger* is about getting Team Burro up to 10gp by this weekend. Beyond that I’d like to hit 15gp by the weekend after and then keep going up – Rolkco needs more storage and can buy two more upgrades in game which will cost me 10gp and that gold don’t grow on trees you know! Hell, I’ve even set up a spoddy google spreadsheet to track everyone’s fortunes – you can see it here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ArlNfXytGT8hdGlMUWNLc1ZDczA1QnhDVENkVTg5TUE&hl=en_US

But just selling is not enough. It depends on my five characters continually seeking out new items or materials with which to craft new items and they do have day jobs you know, they do have the whole of Middle Earth save! So I’ve decided that I’m going into to the speculation business – not as in speculating on the price of goods (i.e gambling with other people’s money to make you and a few others rich whilst the rest of the human population can sod off and die), no I mean speculating as in “you have to speculate to accumulate”. I’m going to scour the AH for items being sold off cheap (it happens – there are always people like me just clearing out inventory and selling to clear) which I shall buy and re-list at a higher but still competitive price. Oh yes, I’m finally becoming one of the shopkeepers my country-folk are so often compared to! Just one with swords! I shall update you all *cough* on Project Gold’s progress in future posts. In the meatime, could I interst to in this bow over here? No? Well what about his pile of iron ore, hmm?


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