LOTRO: A Crafty Old Week Indeed…

It’s been a busy week in LOTRO since my last update as I’ve managed to wangle quite a lot of time online & in-world and consequentially I’ve moved some of my characters along quite a bit, most notably my new Hobbit Guardian Rolcko. Still, something had to give and all the activity with the new guy and (almost) everyone’s crafting has seen poor Ranhold once more sidelined in the wonderful surroundings of Rivendell. Let me rundown what the lads have been doing:

Ranhold – Man, Champion, Historian, Expert Weaponsmith & Master Scholar. Level 40

He briefly got out of Rivendell in an attempt to restart the Epic Story. Elrond sent him out of the valley and back towards the Lone Lands to speak to his son but the journey turned into a long meandering exploration of the hills and valleys between the The Last Homely House and the ruined fortress where the Elves are leading a fight back against the rising effects of Angmar’s corruption. The Trollshaws are without doubt a beautiful! Full of lush trees, rolling hills and sweeping switchback paths zig-zagging their way up the sides of dizzyingly high mountains, they really show the game at its amazing best. Mind you, the wildlife is very bloody wild indeed with drakes, wyrms & giants lying in wait for the unwary traveller (*cough*thatwouldbeme*cough*) and there is at least one valley just west of Rivendell that I hightailed it out of PDQ after two hard and close fights with some tough critters. Be warned.

Still, all that killing did get him up to 40 at long last and a speedy trip back to his trainer in Rivendell gave him the most amusing Boast skill which essentially highjacks the gestures of those around to make them cheer you. Oh how I wished I had that in RL 😀 On top of that he finally made it up to the next level of Kindred with the Scholar’s guild which leaves only two more levels to go to become Kindred but which will take many, many weeks (around 3 months I calculate…) to achieve. Sigh.

Gorfrik – Dwarf, Hunter, Armourer, Expert Metalsmith & Expert Tailor. Level 23

Good old Gorfrik, cast adrift in the very bloody dangerous Kingsfell region of the North Downs and told to gather ore, shut up and stop moaning about orcs, spiders and wargs five to nine levels higher than him, has been doing just that. And what a great job he’s made of it, even having time to stop and craft some items that have earnt Team Burro about a gold piece in one day – this in a time when the new guy was spending everyone’s gold like it was going out of fashion! Say what you want about Gorfrik, but that guy just delivers – he kills fast and hard, he makes stuff that brings in the gold, clothes everybody in decent armour, he ensures everyone has the latest, greatest crafting tools and he still manages to level like a levelling machine! True he is still using the +25% XP boost and that coupled with the fact he’s been killing much higher level critters means he dinged up the furthest this week. Well, second furthest after Rolcko, but seeing as Rol went zero to fourteen in the Shire, the comparison is hardly fair. Gorfrik hit 20 and therefore could start his Skirmishes – more crafting shards ahead, I predict 🙂

Nimlarn – Elf, Minstrel, Woodsman & Journeyman Woodworker. Level 20

Nimlarn was looking like he’d be the poor cousin to this family for a while, but then at the last minute a hasty trip to the Northern Barrow Downs pushed him over 20 as well (although he has yet to clear the skirmishing tutorial – maybe tonight…). My big plans for him are to send him out to Far Chetwood to complete the three bear hunting quests there that grant a blue shard each time – Gorfrik got three, Ran got three so if the Elf can get his three too I should be in the market for making some special armour and weapons soon – maybe even a crited instrument for old Nim himself 🙂

Hocko – Hobbit, Burglar, Tinkerer & Master Jeweller. Level 14 and a three quarters

The true poor cousin this week, young Hocko really didn’t get to do much I’m afraid, although through Gorfrik’s ore gathering prowess both he and Gor got to level up their prospecting skills, but that’s hardly the most exciting news is it? Well it was for poor Hocko. Maybe next week will seem him journeying to Far Chetwood too – it would be a great place to level him up a bit after all.

Rolcko – Hobbit, Guardian, Yeoma, Expert Farmer & Expert Cook. Level 14

Rolcko, Ahhh Rolcko, from wither did ye come? Why, from the mind of a madman that’s wither! An elder uncle of Hocko’s, Rolcko is back from fighting “down south” and looking to retire in the Shire where he can become a gentleman farmer and noted cook of Some Repute (Michel Delving is his base as it has the AH, a vault, crafting suppliers and a superior over facility as well as the Cooking Guild HQ – it’s also a two minute ride away from the superior farmland in Hobbiton). Rol went from zero to ten-ish in one session and then ten to fourteen a little slower, mainly because I have been concentrating on his farming and cooking. It took two days of bitty on-off-line time, but I managed to get him up to Master Farmer level (mainly by just growing and preparing flowers as they gave off a fair few leaves & petals that Ranhold needs for various dyes and the like) and now I’m starting him on his cooking. It’s funny really but I’ve never really used food in the game, but now I want to make one of my characters a top notch cook I’m beginning to realise just how vital food is! I’ve begun to cook food that will help all my guys in fights and with diseases, but what I really need to do is study what foods my lads really need and just go for them as both cooking and farming without a plan fills up precious inventory space in no time.

Apart from that he’s also been the go-to Auction House guy and has been co-ordinating my attempts to make as much gold and silver as I can. Mixed results so far, but my newly created LOTRO finance tracker spreadsheet (what? Don’t look at me like that! You’ll want one too!) shows that after the initial drop in GP & SP caused by equipping Rolcko things are on the up again and I currently have a combined wealth of just over 7GP. I’m hoping to double that in a week or so, but that may be a little ambitious, no?

So there you have it folks – there are five of me now, technically enough to start my own Kinship up 😀



  1. So do you find it disturbing that the face on the “wild attack” icon looks just like Commander Wil Riker? It sort of creeps me out.

    1. LOL – I hadn’t noticed that, but it doesn’t worry me because everytime I think of him I think of Deanna Troi and get a warm fuzzy feeling and silly smile… ahhhhh, Deanna you big haired Greek goddess you…

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