LOTRO: When a Champion runs away, do the Angels weep?



The fight was not going well.

Up until the point it had begun to go less than well for me (roughly at the one second into the kerfuffle mark) , I can assure you that events leading up to it had gone very well indeed but now it was going pear-shaped faster than a yo-yo dieter over Xmas.

I had run into Nan Watheren full of vim, vigour and vimto and I had raced through the orcs with consummate ease (after all, they were several levels below me and therefore ‘whited out’ and simply ignored me unless attacked) until I had found the Defiler. True I had paused to consider how wise my plan of action was given that what I was embarking upon in the most cavalier of manners was, in all actuality, classed as a task for a small group of 3 or more warriors, but I chided myself that he too was whited out and I could easily take him down alone, on my own and by myself.


No one told me about his two buddies! No one mentioned their ability to heal each other! I couldn’t burn them down fast enough. Without their constant re-healing I could have taken him and his henchman/orc, hell I may even have just had enough juice left to take the other one I hadn’t seen and who bushwhacked me from behind (and not in a good way, either) but not when they just kept getting better faster than I could kill them!

I hit my biggest heal pot. I hit my biggest power pot. I hit my ohshitohcrapimdead skill of Dire Need but still they remained stubbornly, resolutely, mockingly not dead at my feet. In the end I had but one option left.

I legged it.

I hit my sprint skill, blew the popsicle stand and got the fuck out of Dodge. And fast.

It may have been my imagination, but I’m sure I heard the Angels above weeping at such a sad sight as a brave Champion leaving a yellow streak a mile wide in his wake. They did their best to mask it behind laughter, but I felt their tears man, I really did…



  1. *cackling*
    Being a squishy hunter is nice, no shame when you need to get the hell out of dodge fast. And I HATE the surprise adds.

  2. I’ve had to leg it a few times in my characters’ careers as well.

    One memorable instance was during my Guardian Denenthera’s run in Nan Dhelu on Imladris. My shield-maiden of Rohan had just hit level 30 and gotten some very nice skills (along with a very nice shield from the level 30 Guardian quest), and was having little problem soloing the place thanks largely to judicious use of her shield and her new sword which did Beleriand damage. She also had some very nice armor due to her Armourer vocation.

    Got all the way to where the Master of Nan Dhelu was and took him down, then started trying to fight my way back out since I needed more collectibles for the quest I was on. It ended up turning into one of Denenthera’s most grueling battles ever, as I had to fight Bile-spewer after Bile-spewer and their goddamn worm-spawns, as well as having to re-kill the Master three more damned times because he JUST. WOULD. NOT. STAY. DOWN. At the end of it, I was down to double digits and was faced with three more guys, and I decided “screw this” and booked it out of there with all haste. My shield-maiden may be my most survivable character (her death count is in the single digits and she’s the only character thus far who I’ve gotten the Undying title for) and tougher than steel, but even she has her limits, dammit!

    1. LOL! That must have been the worst Groundhog Day ever! The closest I ever came was tackling (and beating – I’m very proud of that) the orc boss in the small camp just outside the stockade on the eastern river bank in the North Downs. That bugger and his followers nearly did for me (and I was a lovely sub-30 at the time) and it took all of my skill and luck to walk away but when I did so it was with 1% morale left – a mere 76hp 😀

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