LOTRO: In need of better gear and MOAR POWARRRRGH!

Ranhold has a problem, or rather two problems. One is his gear and the other is his measly allocation of power.

He desperately needs better swords and armour. The stuff he has now is largely kin-crafted gifts, with the rest being found or earned during quests and it’s all several levels below his actual level. In particular he needs two mondo blades to unleash the full power of his *sching sching*. I’m loathe to ask kinmates as it always seems cheeky – materials are hard & time consuming to gather, not to mention costly to craft. I think I’ll scour the auction house tonight – I expect to have to pay gold, dammit 🙂

But that’s not his only problem. No, his blue bar of precious power is also failing to keep up with his rise through the levels. As he acquires more combat skills and faces bigger, tougher mobs he’s having to draw deep and is starting to get to the point where in big, long battles he hasn’t enough power. This is Not A Good Thing let me tell you.

Nope, Ranhold needs to gear up and fast.




  1. Ah, wish I could help. My husband and I are managing to be self contained with a couple of alts each for various crafting chores. We stay fairly up to date with our armors, weaponry, potions, food…etc. between making it and quest awards. Also look at reputation items for sale from various groups you have made kinship status in, those groups tend to have sets that give better stats the more pieces you have. Wardens of Annuminas has some good sets.

    1. Cheers matey – I’m off to Annuminas soon. I’m just a little bogged down in North Downs and my need to explore every corner east of Esteldin, but you of all folks know the lure of the next hill, the next valley ;-D

  2. I am discovering that exploring has another advantage. Lots of the deeds are exploration deeds, and so those traits level up faster – a nice bonus!

  3. Oooo yes! Rewards for exploring! I love that 😀

    I was online last night and the leader of my kin and one of the main players were both saying how bored they were with the game – they levelled to 65 really fast (3 weeks in one case) and I suspect they’ve burnt out but I couldn’t make them see that. I tried to explain just how much fun blind exploring can be, but both are goal orientated – I don’t think they’d like SL much 😀

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