To XP or not to XP…

In LOTRO you gain experience points (XP) to help you advance through the game and with the pre-order version of the new expansion pack Rise of Isengard you get a special item that, when worn, grants you an extra 25% on all XP earned by killing monsters. They’ve done this, it seems, to help people get up to level 65 before the September launch of RoI because the content of that expansion is rated at 65 to 75. This pocket item is a Good Thing and it has helped my champion race through his 30s from 31 to 37 in two weeks of hacking and slashing fun.

But there is a downside. I’m actually going to fast for my liking and I’m finding that when I meet new mobs they are far enough below me in level so as not to grant me enough of a challenge to allow me to complete my various class deeds (i.e. repeated combat skills/moves).

So I’ve taken the decision to remove the item for a bit. I need to ensure Ranhold has enough of a challenge to keep the game interesting and simply racing through areas killing everything in my path is not my style 🙂



  1. I am taking the attitude that Isengard is not going anywhere, and will be there to play when I am ready for it. Besides, I would expect it to be quite crowded when it initially opens up in any case.

    1. The later is a very good point, the former is exactly how I feel about it – I’ll get there when I get there and enjoy the journey on the way 😀

  2. I’m using the stone on eldaeriel at the mo, I’d like to have her at 60-65 by the time the expansion comes out (she’s 53 at the mo). Its taken me 11 months to get to this level and I’ve enjoyed taking taking my time and really exploring the various zones. I may unequip it when we get to Moria though 😉

    1. I’ve had mine unplugged for a week now – boy does it show! My levelling has all but stopped again, the only rush was last weekend when I managed to do an evening of skirmishing in order to barter for crystal shards 🙂

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