LOTRO: Latest Roundup (7th July 11)

Well, even though work has been doing its evil best to keep me away from my blog over the last two weeks, it hasn’t managed to keep me away from Middle Earth and I’ve managed to level up both Ranhold & Gorfrik in several splurges of hacking, slashing, exploring & farming 😀


  • Charging through the levels, Ran is now at 37 and just shy of completing the Lone Lands before moving back towards the North Downs and then Evendim, which brings me nicely onto…
  • I’ve stopped worrying about going to Evendim and after a couple of weeks of ‘should I , shouldn’t I?’ decided to follow the main story and then complete all the tasks in the areas it leads me to – and it’s working out pretty well 🙂 I still explore and wander, but now I find that the contents of the world are better tailored to fit my progress.
  • My latest story developments have involved meeting Gandalf’s fellow wizard, the Maia Radagast the Brown. He has sent Ranhold on several trips into haunted bogs & ruined forts in order to find the source of corruption creeping into his beloved land and animals. These quests have seen Ran going up against bizarre bog-lurkers, foul undead wights and a bloody tough witch!
  • I’ve utilised the Fellowship grouping more times in the last two weeks than the last two months – there are some seriously scary, tough places in the Lone Lands and it has been nice to just join up with some other poor soul and back each other up as we battle our way through the hell of Agamaur and Garth Agarwen, the former being a nightmare ruled over by the insanely dangerous Red Maid, the latter being a hell-hole crawling with foul spirits and undead warriors. I’ll have to write some of the adventures down soon because there have been some brilliant scraps there 🙂
  • I’ve been working hard on slayer deeds & class deeds to open up as many virtues, traits and skills as possible and I’m becoming a master at reaching my combat move daily limits pretty much every day and currently have only four left to complete.
  • My scholar guild tasks have been slow but steady and I’m nearly past the first level of reputation with them which I hope will open some new recipes for me, especially dyes because I’ve been making and selling those in the auction house quite steadily…
  • …which is good because I need to make up a lot of money after I accidentally bought some metal for 2 gold 500 silver pieces, a feking fortune! It wouldn’t be so bad except it’s not enough metal to actually enable me to move forward through the craft!
  • I haven’t had that problem in farming in which I’m racing ahead and rather enjoy spending several hours growing and preparing hundreds of onions (which sell well in the AH) just to gather a few onion skins (which make expensive dyes which sell even better ;-D)


  • I levelled Gorfrik up to 17 by knuckling down & moving the prologue story along and he’s finally leaving the snowy wastes of northern Erid Luin and heading into the much greener elf lands southwards towards the Shire.
  • Like Ranhold, he’s been completing as many slayer & class deeds as possible as well as trying to advance in the three crafts under his belt – I really need to get his metal craft up high enough to supply Ran with all the ingots he needs to level up his weaponsmith skills and make some decent weapons

That’s about all for now, although I  have many more tales to tell I’m afraid I don’t have the time or energy to write them all down right now. In the meantime I have some orcs and wights to teach some manners to…


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