LOTRO: Weekly Update (20-06-11)

A busy week for one character this week – the +25% XP bonus item that came with with the Rise to Isengard pre-order is more than proving itself as I managed to move Ranhold out of the 20s and into the dizzy heights of the early 30s at last!

Ranhold (Level 29 Man Champion Historian)

  • Completed a ‘hidden’ task in the Shire – helped five landlords get ingredients for their beers and was rewarded with five beers, a severe case of drunkenness, a doozy of a hangover, a new title (Shire Brewmaster) and 5TPs. hic.
  • Worked on my weaponsmith crafting and got up to Expert at last – had a marathon session to get there and am now trying to sell swords, axes and blades in the Auction house in the manner of a master criminal running some kind of country-toppling gold-devaluing scheme!
  • Completed all the available tasks in The Shire, Bree & The Old Forest and began to move on to Book 2 of the Epic Storyline.
  • Got my arse kicked by the giant Svalfang before recuperating enough to try again and managing to kill the bugger – bloody close fight though – one more stomp of his boots and one more rock to the noggin & Ran would have wiped again!
  • Dinged up to level 30 during a huge Siege of Gondamon skirmish – it was a proper brawl and I think I handled myself pretty well. Ranhold really can’t hold aggro which is both a good and bad thing – good because I can get behind the bad guys and start laying into them like billyo yet bad as I often have to run to keep up with the bad guy if he’s after the main threat. I seemed to have no problem generating fervour as my *sching sching* moves were in full flow – more so, or so it seemed to me, than in my solo action of late.
  • Getting to 30 gave Ranhold a couple of cool new skills: Glory & Dire Need – both look awesome!
  • Getting to 30 also opened up a hat full of quests pointing me all over the compass towards the Lone Lands, the North Downs, and Evendim. With deeds leading me to Erid Luin and a crafting guild order to report to Elrond in Rivendell poor Ranhold doesn’t know which way to turn!
  • Given my recent grinding of Shire/Bree-land quests and deeds I decided to pay the Bard in the Prancy Pony a visit to reslot – and I must have done something right because Ranhold is fighting better than he has ever fought! He is producing long runs of unbroken DPS & AOE heavy hits and the bad guys are falling before like nine pins! In fact the only time it nearly came unstuck was in the North Downs (Kingsfell to be exact) when I took on a fekking huge orc and only just beat him in time – Ran was down to 1%, around 160, and in a bad way. I *should* have used Dire Need but like a dope I forgot about it and just went into “SHHHHHIIIIIIIITTTT! – HITHIMHITHIMHITHIM!” mode. I, or rather Ranhold, was very bloody lucky to live, let alone win. Lesson learnt.
  • From the fact I mentioned my fight in the North Downs in the last point you shoudl have guessed where I headed after the Shire but after a full day wandering around the fields south of Fornost I decided I was in the wrong zone for my level and have started to head back west to Evendim where I aim to join the Rangers and fight for the honour & freedom of fair Annúminas 🙂
  • Got Ran’s fishing up to proficiency level 25 (of 200) but still haven’t caught anything cool 😦

Gorfrik (Level 12 Dwarf Hunter Armourer)

Unfortunately I haven’t done much with poor Gorfrik this week – I intend to boost up his meatlsmithing profession and crank out more ingots for Ran to progress in his weaponsmithing though.

  • Nowt. Poor the dwarf 😦

Other Stuffs…
About the only other thing I did this week was some house decoration with a mixture of deed rewards, bought items and gifts from the Kin. The kin leader, Vhaladris, has been very kind and sent me several fish trophies for my wall – Kin FTW!


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