LOTRO: Stomped by an Ent!

In LOTRO you can form groups to explore & bash the daylights out of your enemies, that much must be obvious to you by now but what you may not know is that Fellowships can, in the right circumstances, access a form of joint manoeuvre that can either do a hell of a lot of damage to your foes or heal your group. The way it works is that when your group’s attack stops a bad guy in his tracks a wheel of four icons appears on everyone’s screens and everyone has a few seconds to choose one of the icons. Next, depending on which icons have been chosen and in which order one of a large combination of things can happen, the most dramatic of which is the appearance of a ruddy huge ghostly red Ent that stomps on its poor target with all the might you’d expect from a great walking tree 😀

Here you can see the event in a series of hastily grabbed screenshots – the last one shows just what happens to the poor bastard on the receiving end 😉

The two of us (Sagwin and me) chose the same icon…

The Ent begins to form…

It raises its foot above its hapless target…

STOMP! Take that ya bastard!

The attack over, the Ent fades…

Leaving northing but a corpse behind (or a corpse of a corpse in this case)…

This is what was left of another Ent victim only minutes later 😀

For a full rundown on how these Fellowship manoeuvres work, check out the LOTRO Lorebook here.


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