LOTRO: Weatherstock 11 Music Festival

I haven’t really touched on the music system in LOTRO and although I will in a post I’ve scheduled for later this month it’s worth saying here that there is a clever music system built into the game that allows players to play live (8 instruments, 3 octave ranges, real time using your normal QWERTY keyboard) or to import music file you can transpose yourself using the ABC notation system. I’m as musical as a cat being faxed so don’t expect me to be doing any of that, but luckily enough a good many other folk in the game are a whole heap more talented and they get together each year to put on a free music festival at Amon Sul, or Weathertop (if you know the books or films it’s where the Nazgul attacked and stabbed Frodo).

Cleverly called Weatherstock this is a brilliant opportunity to see live music played by folks who really love their craft and the whole event tries its best to cater to as many players as possible (they station warriors at respawn points to take out any bad guys as they appear so poor noobs like me don’t get minced up whilst dancing and there are areas where your graphics load can be reduced if you have a struggling GFX card).

Held on Saturday 18th June, you’ll have to create a character on a specific server (Landroval to be exact) to see it but you can find out much more info over on the Casual Stroll to Mordor site here (poster below by the CTSM guys and reproduced just for a bit flavour and colour here 😀 )


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