*Thwap Thwap*: Two to the face…

Ok, so your Champion over there, well he’s got his fancy *sching sching* moves and that’s all well and good but what about your lowly hunter eh? What have they got to match all that ballet-dancing-ninja crap? Well, dear reader, let me tell you what the lowly hunter has got and when I’m done I’m sure you’ll be adding the sound *thwap thwap* to your reasons for wanting to play LOTRO with me 🙂

Gorfrik is running up a hill when he sees a goblin patrolling, one of these ugly little buggers

Not this one you understand, but one just like him and right in the way of where Gorfrik wants to be. What to do? Run around it? Run at it? Drop a trap, shoot and lead it into the snare? Hmm, so many choices. Best to have a smoke whist we both ponder…

Suddenly the answer is clear. Already in the Strength stance, I hit the Focus buff and watch Gorfrik’s pips (combat energy) rise to the max. They will fall again quickly, but for now he has a few seconds of increased energy that will allow him to access some of the more deadly skills he can muster at this level (level 10 – he’s creeping up slowly). The goblin hasn’t noticed him but has turned around in his patrol and is heading towards Gorfrik – time is of the essence!

I hit the Penetrating Shot skill icon and Gorfrik lets fly a massively powerful arrow that wipes half the goblin’s health. The goblin, pissed off and pumped full of adrenaline, roars and sprints towards the dwarf at top speed (well, top speed considering he has a ruddy great arrow buried in his guts). Gorfrik has to move quickly now otherwise this could get close-up and ugly very soon.

I hit the Swift Bow skill icon, a skill that requires the pip bar to be at a certain level which is why I hit the Focus buff icon seconds before. Gorfrik pulls two arrows from his quiver and, in lightning fast succession and with the sound *thwap thwap* ringing in my ears, looses them at the charging goblin. The first punches him square in the mouth and drills through the back of his throat, but before the creature can register the impact the second hits him dead in the eye and punches out of the back of his skull. The ruined body crashes to the ground, its momentum carrying it in an explosion of snow and limbs along the path where it skids to a halt at the hunter’s feet. Add one more notch to Gorfrik’s bow and scratch one more goblin bastard from the Blue Mountains.

*Thwap Thwap* baby, *Thwap Thwap*


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