LOTRO: A Tale of Two Fishes…

There’s a daily fishing limit in LOTRO, who knew? It seems you can only advance a maximum of ten points a day and as fishing is one of the things The Boy likes to do with me I’ve been fishing a lot lately – indeed, it seems that as soon as I spot a stream, river or even puddle I’m casting off and collecting a tiny fish for tea 🙂

I’ve been fishing in Bree…

…The Shire…

…in front of ruins…

…in front of Old Man Willow…

…in the morning.,..

…in the daytime…

…in the evening…

…at night…

…with ones that took a bite…

…to the ones that got away…

…in good weather…

…and bad…

…in pleasant places…

…and foul…

I think it’s fair to say that I’m a fishing convert in LOTRO and I’m working my way up to a proficiency of 200 so I can have a Big Mouthed Bass stuffed and mounted for my wall 😀

If you’d like to know more about fishing in LOTRO, try this cracking little site here 🙂



    1. Excellent! Odd thing is I never took to fishing in Second Life, even though my mate Holo is big into it (a system called 7Seas which is far more advanced then LOTRO’s fishing system). I think it’s just an excuse to stop and take many, many photos 😀

  1. Very fun – I figured out the fishing thing and gave it a try. The taxidermist made me howl. But honestly I am currently discovering my bloodthirsty side. I have also decided that I quite enjoy looting wights, brigands, goblins, orcs….it is sort of like Christmas. Kill them and then unwrap to see what lovely things are inside. Hopefully no mental health professionals are about 🙂
    And I so enjoy your photos now that I recognize a lot of the locations. We had a very fun jaunt over the weekend when we went to see our crafting guild headquarters up in North Downs. Encountering rich iron, yew wood, gold ore and monsters that whupped us without breaking a sweat! Lots of “oh shit, run!”. Hilarious.

    1. LOL – I’ve caught a couple of mountable fish now – the dead critter stuffers are brilliant! I’m up to 20 in fishing now, having stopped to fish in almost ever river, stream and pool I’ve crossed, but even so that’s only 10% of the way to angling mastery! I don’t know what’s waiting at the end but I’m willing to be it’ll be 5TPs (about 5cents, right?) and a new title 😀

      I’ve only just joined a crafting guild and the Scholar’s HQ is Elrond’s place in Rivendell so I haven’t been yet. At the moment Gorfrik is stalled at Gondomin and Ranhold is exploring the Shire as fully as possible with an eye towards Annúminas up in Everdim and then Forochel after that before he travels east (although he might make a special trip to Rivendell to kick start his Master Crafting). To be honest, I think he’ll just be happy to get out of the Shire and away from the ever-wittering Hobbits!

      And I’m really pleased you’ve unleashed your inner warrior – smacking down a giant tree or huge stone-troll is sooooo good for the soul 😉 I have as post scheduled for tomorrow about the joys of being a hunter…

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