LOTRO: Podcasts I Like – Part The Two

Some more podcasts for you here – I don’t know, since finding LOTRO I’ve become quite the podcast listener and spend far too much time in a morning downloading them to my phone via Google Listen so I can play them as I drive to and from work. I’ve made my Google Reader Listen section public so you can see what I’m listening to should you so wish – in the meantime add these feeds to your own reader/podcast thingy and enjoy 🙂

  • Sally Forth in LOTRO – A brilliant podcast from knowledgeable old hand Doc Holiday. Whilst aimed at experienced players there is plenty in each one for a LOTRO noob like me and I never felt lost. Also the audio quality is excellent and he has a great radio voice so it makes listening a breeze not a chore.
  • One True Cast – A funny podcast from my fellow countrymen. I like this a lot, especially as they laugh and swear throughout – Brits FTW ;-), but I’ll be damned if I can find a podcast feed – just add their blog feed to your reader and lookout for podcasts is my advice: http://www.questhard.com/
You’ll notice another feed in my reader list – Through the Palantir. I’ll be honest and say that I *don’t* listen to these. I tried with a couple but these guys are serious, SERIOUS gamers and as a noob I had a really hard time understanding what they were referring to. If you are a die-hard RPG MMO fan and level 65 LOTRO veteran who knows your stats & character sheets inside out you’ll find a lot here, but noobs will be lost. Also be warned that their audio quality is best described as variable and I found that in a car on the motorway I had to crank the phone’s media player volume to the top to hear them and after 10 minutes of ear-bud torture I had a right fucker of a headache 😀

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