LOTRO: Ranhold’s Progress – A Tale of Two Barrow-Downs, Part The South…

In the last instalment our hero was looking for a way out of the Barrow-Downs. He wanted to feel the sun on his face, taste clean water and smell the good, honest smell of non-rotting-dead people. Unfortunately what he got was a trip into the southern half of the Downs where even more wights, crawlers, barghasts and rats waited for him, only this time apparently on steroids and all thinking poor old Ranhold had been putting it about he’d shagged their mums.

Seriously, if you think the North Downs are hard then you are in for a painful surprise when you head south my friend…
Map - South Barrow-Downs 001

…and wonder just what you’ve got yourself into!
South Barrow-Downs 004

The Barrow-Wights are tougher, especially the noxious ones – these take some killing and roar a poisonous cloud over you (no doubt made up from their rotting intestines, the filthy swine!), but even the normal ones seem to be pumped up and pissed off! Still, Ranhold has a useful way of showing them the error of their ways…
Fighting a Barow-Wight in the Southern Barrow-Downs 002

Fighting a Barow-Wight in the Southern Barrow-Downs 003

Fighting a Barow-Wight in the Southern Barrow-Downs 004

The bears at the southern edge of the Barrows where the area borders The Old Forest are a sorry looking lot, all sickly and mangy and stinking to high heaven. But they are tough, make no mistake. Tough and pissed off!

And then there are the trees. The walking – nay – running trees! The trees that chase you as you run away. Pissed off trees. Great, huge pissed off trees that run after you. Next time you are out in that thing called nature, punch a tree really hard and see how much it hurts – then imagine that if that tree punched you right back with everything its got because it’s pissed off with you – that’s what waits for you in the Barrows…
Evil Tree in South Barrow-Downs 001

After you’ve done running from trees, climb up past the tombs and through the free-standing dolmens…
Southern Barrow-Downs 001

…until you see the ruins of the once mighty fortress of Ost Gothad…

…and enter if you are brave enough, but be warned – everything you meet is pissed off and blames you.
Ost Gorthad Ruins in Southern Barrow-Downs 002

p.s. Look out for the camp of elves in the north western corner – you can seek a little refuge here but do not attempt to enter the Great Barrow, which they will tell you about, on your own unless you are wondering what it would be like to die at the hands, swords, feet and teeth of wights & bloody HUGE worms. This is a public safety announcement.

p.p.s. To be on the safe side, just assume that unless it’s an elf camper then it’s pissed off at you and wants to turn you inside out. Avoid, kill or run – just don’t hang about to ask questions or go fishing (only an idiot would do that!)

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