LOTRO: Come and see the violence inherent in the system

Spotted in Bree. Bloody peasants.
The violence inherent in the system 001

The violence inherent in the system 002

The violence inherent in the system 003



  1. Hah! You are now responsible for my husband starting up with LOTRO as well. And we both created new characters to help with our crafting today.
    Which means that all the work on the house did not get done 🙂
    But being a Dwarf Champion is a bit of a hoot.

    1. My missus found this very funny, the fact I managed to get your hubby involved (at the expense of your house being built!!) when I can’t get her involved despite trying everything but begging ;-D

      And I have to say that in LOTRO, Dwarves are cool! Have you met the one in Thorin’s Hall who is scared of bats getting in his beard? 😀

  2. I haven’t! I will look for him when I am next in the hall. The husband is a gamer so he was resisting from a sense of responsibilty, not from reluctance to play 🙂
    He is horrified by my Dwarf, as I am having far too much fun with her. Her name is Fanifarmur, and she trots about on her pony Sunflower, wearing turquoise and pink armour. Her black beard is quite lush as well. And she is quite the powerful little Champion!
    She is tasked with supplying things to all of us, but I am having a lot of fun playing her as well.

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