LOTRO: What’s a Champ to do?

When is a tank not a tank? When he’s a champ of course!

Now I only half understand that myself. My recent transition from FPSer & SLer to role playing MMOer has not been without a steep learning curve in which I am still in the foothills gazing up at the lofty peak lost in the clouds of understanding above me. Tank? What’s a tank? Aggro? Pulling, DPS, threat, mob, healing in & healing out? What the hell are these things? In the Fervour vs Glory vs Ardour debate which should I chose and when? All these question, and many more, have been running around my head since I started LOTRO and realised I wasn’t playing the sort of isometric top-down simple hit-run-level games I had played in the past (the long distant past – I’m talking Deus-Ex and Vampire: The Masquerade on an old laptop 11 years ago!). So I’ve been boning up; reading all the blogs I can (I still can’t bring myself to read the forums – forums make me want to gouge my brain out) and listening to podcast after podcast and it was when I was listening to A Casual Stroll To Mordor’s two hour long cast on dungeons and raiding from a year ago that I began to wonder if all my recent good work understanding my Champion and trying to play better was, well, wrong.

One of the players (sorry guys, I can’t remember who) said how, when playing in a group, they hate Champions running in and tanking in Fervour, which is to say using the Fervour ‘mode’ of energy generation that comes with a Champ to go nose-to-snout with the bad guys. I *think* the problem is that Champs can’t defend themselves well in Fervour and therefore take a beating that can kill them fast and so need pretty much constant healing from one of the group’s healer (maybe the group’s only healer) to the detriment of other players including the ones that *could* go up against the baddies and not take damage as easily, such as the Guardian or maybe Warden. I think that’s what the complaint is and put like that it sounds damn reasonable but it leave me scratching my head all over again and having to re-evaluate what I do and how I do it.

I run Ranhold in Fervour all the time as it generates lots of energy to power his more complex combat moves so I can keep up an almost constant stream of blows on the enemy, but as you can see here it is at the cost of health regeneration, both his own & healer-created, and he can’t dodge or block any blows coming in. I guess, he is supposed to be in the grip of a fervour to fight and kill and defeat the forces of evil, but the important thing is I had not realised this healing penalty. This is because I am a noob (I keep telling people this and it is true. I have never played this kind of thing before and the last time I did any paper RPG that used stats I was still at school). So what are my alternatives? Well two, it seems: Ardour & Glory.

Ardour offers lower energy generation but no health penalties, presumably to reflect a deep love of the battle that is more calculating than the old red mist of Fervour or Glory. Using this Ranhold wouldn’t be able to hit as often but would be able to defend himself and keep his health higher. I’ve used Ardour briefly but it felt like Ranhold was wading through treacle if I’m honest so I switched right back to Fervour, but now I’m thinking that I need to go back and experiment a little more.

Although Glory still generates energy (I’m not sure how much in comparison to the other two ‘stances’ above) it has the odd effect of both reducing your hitting power *and* increasing your perceived threat to the enemy, an act that will pull them to attack you more readily than the other Fervour or Ardour. I really don’t understand this one (and being a level 30 skill, I’m still 6 levels away from a chance to try it). I presume it’s meant to reflect the glory of rushing into battle and dying a good death, which is great in a book or film, but who the fuck wants to play like that? I want to twat the enemy, not get twatted! Also it seems to me that this would cause the Champ to be exactly the kind of tanking-non-tank that so pisses off the CSTM raiders.

So what’s a Champ to do, eh? There really is only Ardour that can be run in a group as it won’t tank as Fervour & Glory will and demand the sole attention of a healer. But Ardour sucks like a cheap strumpet when it comes to my desire to twat things hard and fast. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m playing the Champ all wrong, but I thought we were supposed to be the wild animals of the warrior class (as this guide on CTSM tends to suggest). And if I’m not supposed to play like that, how am I supposed to play? Protecting the healers whilst the tanks pull the bad guys around and wear them down? What I need is someone to tell me what a Champ is expected to do and then I can start to practice until I can do that, because the way I’m going right now Ranhold is going to be hated in raids and I don’t want that for the poor bugger 🙂

I think I’ll re-read the Champion 101 before looking at this more advanced guide and taking a look at the ways in which the developers are planning to alter Fervour, Ardour & Glory (no doubt following similar comments as mine from their more experienced player-base) and then maybe, just maybe, something will click…



  1. To be honest, I have played a champ for 3 years as my main and I am relevelling a second of another race, and I have to say levelling in fervour is totally fine. I have read some articles that say you can’t really solo mulitple mobs in fervour whilst levelling, which just isn’t the case. My second is 24 in the Lonelands, happily pull 4-5 mobs at a time, with any real stance swapping ‘oh poop’ moments. I admit, that probably having played one for so long helps with knowing what to hit and when, but it is still a long way from the ‘you must level in ardour’ or ‘use a shield’ camp- they are just not nessecary.

    In a group, if you are dpsing then stick with fervour, if you pull agro, if its just one mob… unless the healer is very twitchy it won’t matter at all. If you pull too much agro, then drop stance, or switch to ardour ( I agree that dropping to glory is a bad plan if you are looking to shed the agro)- hit any oh crap buttons- sudden defence, bracing attack, dire need, and wait for the tank to pick up. If you ARE the tank, run Glory but just trait normally for now. Champs make excellent AOE tanks, we used to love taking two to Halls of Crafting (no guardian) in Moria, and let one glory tank whilst the seconds DPS’ed. Post Isengard who knows what will be the case, its looking ok though generally.

    When I heal on my RK, I insist my wifes champs runs fervour unless its a really tough pull, as things die faster, and especially at level cap, the -30% is usually at least halfway removed thanks to relics which up your incoming healing rate. We manage to duo plenty of 3 mans this way, so its really not that big an issue.

    From what I can see you are doing it totally right, hit stuff so hard you killl it before it kills you. Its the champ way! 😀

    1. Hi guys – thanks for the encouragement. I have been trying to solo in Ardour but it’s not that much fun if I’m honest, sort of like playing with the brakes on. I *can* see how in a large group where aggro management is a key issue it would be better for Champs to hang back and help protect the squishes or escorts, but without a main tank or with plenty of healers I don’t see a Fervour storm being that much of an issue… but as I haven’t played with more than 3 people so far It’s hard for me to say.

      CSTM provided me with this link which makes interesting reading but, in my opinion, doesn’t make the case for hobbling a Champ: http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/2011/01/tale-of-a-champion-nerf-op-healing-underpowered-tanking/

      1. Yeah, you have the jist of it there. You will go down fast with a very hard hitting boss, or with to many adds beating you, so its just about being aware how many adds you have on you, or how many you took off the tank, and reacting appropriately.

        Later on you get a skill called ebbing ire to dump agro, which getting rid of it easy. and also rising ire which sucks it out of a target, and also a forced challenge, makign the target attack you, so gettign rid of agro you don’t want, or quickly grabbing it off a squishy is fine. You get a legendary from doing both level 45 class quests which is a stance which lasts for 3.5 mins traited called controlled burn, cooldown of 10 minuites, which gives you the best benefits of each stance- full damage, power regen, fervour, and full bpe, and turns on ardent flurry, glorious exchange, and red haze. TBH, its god mode. The bad news all the above are not going to stay with the Isengard tweaks, but I am confident the tweaks being made, will still give us plenty of options to do our job well, which is a primary DPS, secondary tank.

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