LOTRO: Come visit beautiful Middle-Earth… oh, but bring a sword!

Time for some more photos of my time in LOTRO to show just how beautiful Eriador (well Bree-land really – that’s as far as I’ve been at time of writing) is and what a great job the designers did in making Tolkien’s world come alive and not seem like a carbon copy of the landscapes in the films.

Riding through the lumber yard at the edge of Chetwood North.
Chetwood forest 002

Riding through a camp above Staddle.
Camp 001

A waterfall between Combe, Chetwood & Midgewater – this is small compared to some I’ve seen!
Chetwood Falls 001

A ruined Dunedain temple in the middle of Midgewater Marshes.
Dunedain Runis in Midgewater Marches 003

Fishing in Staddle.
Fishing 002

Carrying a bucket of water in the gorgeous sun…
Sky over Staddlemere 001

Across the Stone Quarter of Bree.
Bree from the roof tops 001

Riding deep into the Northern Bree-lands.
Come Visit Gorgeous Bree-land 001

A ruined Dunedain castle west of Bree in the Brandy Hills towards The Shire. It’s a hike, but you can get up there and explore 🙂
Dunedain Ruins in Brandy Hill 001

Fishing next to the old North-South Road outside Bree.
Fishing in Bree 001



  1. So how are you taking photos? I am constantly stunned by the beauty of the landscape, and the skill of the creators. And am madly jealous of the talents that made that platform!
    My husband saw your comment about him signing on…starts yelling “I have to level up this house! I am only a level 2 contractor and need at least level 9 to get it done!”
    He is so conscientious 🙂

    1. It’s really simple, but not as flexible as SL as you can’t ‘detach’ the camera and have it go anywhere, rather it will always stay centred on your character.

      1) Use just your left mouse button and move the mouse to move the camera all around & over you without moving your character.
      2) You can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom out or in – even going into mouselook to remove your Av from the picture
      3) Press F12 to hide the UI
      4) Press N to toggle floaty names on and off
      5) Press F11 to take the shot 😀
      Additional 6) if you type an emote into the SAY chat bar (something like /bow) then hit F12 quick and then F11 a few times in a row, you should get a series of shots of the gesture in motion and there are a ton of gestures!

      It should save the picture in folder in a path something like Documents>Lord of The Rings Online and from there I just rename then and upload to flickr and picasa

      p.s. After your other half has levelled up to Master Builder, would he be interested in giving me a quote for a porch on the front of my house? 😉

      p.p.s. I think there are some gestures that if you do in front of people a lot, or have done to you, unlock further gestures and titles – sort of an easter egg buried in the game 🙂

      Emotes list: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Category:Emotes

      Hidden emotes: http://forums.lotro.com/showthread.php?115848-*Guide-to-Emote-Traits-and-Titles-in-LOTR

      I want to unlock the /fishslap emote so I can do this:


    2. p.p.p.s. NumLock toggles “move forward” on and off so you can set off running (or walking – Insert toggles between the two states) on foot or hoof and then use the left mouse button to put your camera at the side as you go and hit F11 many times to capture actions shots 🙂

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