LOTRO: Gorfrik goes deep down, deeper and down…

I finally got a couple of hours with Gorfrik recently and managed to move him up to level 5 by practicing my hunter combat & exploring more of Thorin’s Gate in the Blue Mountains, which lie NW of The Shire in Eriador:
Map - NW Middle Earth 001

Map - Eriador 001

Map - Erid Luin 001

I’ve never played a Dwarf before – I’m not sure why, I just always think they look a bit *gasp* daft, but I have to say that in LOTRO they have been realised really well and I soon forgot I was a dwarf. Well, in some ways. I think I must imagine Dwarves to be tougher than they are as I managed to kill poor Gorfrik and get him stuck twice all in 15 minutes of play by attempting stupid jumps I just know I would never have tried with Ranhold. I’ve learnt to calm down a bit and not expect him to drop 100 feet off a cliff and be ticketyboo at the bottom 🙂

As explained in my last post on Gorfrik, Dwarves (and I think Elves) start off here rather than in Bree-land’s Archet (like Men & Hobbits) and with a very different, yet obviously deeply connected, storyline. In Bree it’s the corrupting influence of the Witch King on Men and here it’s that same influence acting up a rather nasty bunch of Dwarves called the Dourhands and their distinctly teutonic-sounding leader, Gormr. He is the steward of Thorin’s Gate but he and his tribe want to resurrect their dead evil king Skorgrím and take over the place for good, and whilst I’m not at the end of the story yet, I rather suspect my part in the tale will be to help Gormr and his faithful realise, with a few well placed arrows to the noggin’, that he is barking down the wrong mine shaft. I’ll let you know how this goes 🙂
Around Thorin's Gate under the Dourbeards 008

So far I’ve had to speak to elves who, let’s face it, are pointy eared softies always bleating on about “the good old days” before they got killed in this war or that. I don’t know, dwarves just bloody well get on with it and only cry if a very large hammer drops on our toes, not with every falling leaf because “it reminds me of the tears of lost Elothingy who fell in in battle against some squirrels”.  I was chosen to speak to the big girl’s blouses because I’ve got the best diplomatic manner about me. I think they got the right man. Er, Dwarf.
Bloody pointy eared softie

Dwarven borthers

I’ve had to follow a trail of red flowers, a task given to me by a bloody elf if you couldn’t guess.
Picking bloody flowers for a pointy eared softie

I’ve killed some hook-nosed beatsies, some bats, some ugly dogs and a handful of rotting bears. The later was a truly horrible experience as each one smelt worse than a goblin’s underwear!
Around Thorin's Gate under the Dourbeards 014

Speaking of goblins, I’ve been lucky enough to puncture a few of those too, as well as having to smack some sense & manners into some uppity Dourhands, which always cheers me up of a morn’.
Around Thorin's Gate under the Dourbeards 026

I’m currently back underground in some rather nice caves marred only by the occasional inclusion a foul wight or evil spirit. Still, noting my trusty bow and axe can’t handle, eh boys?
Around Thorin's Gate under the Dourbeards 018

Around Thorin's Gate under the Dourbeards 021

And I even ran into an old ‘friend’ 😀
Back into Silver Deep 004



  1. Ah yes, this was where I began myself. I had rather hoped to toddle off and go do elven sorts of things in the forest somewhere, but no sooner do I arrive than I discover that the Dwarves have gotten themselves into a pickle and need my help. Of course.
    But not to worry, while I was unable to completely save the poor dears from their own greed and poor judgement, I managed to survive and learn a few things in the process.
    And I FINALLY got a lovely bay horse 🙂
    I am so tickled, have to remember that I have quests to do rather than just galloping off across the countryside enjoying the delightful springtime 🙂

    1. Yay! I’m so glad you’re liking the game – and you are so right, the Dwarves are so their own worst enemy 😀

      I so want to get out of the Barrow-Downs and into the beauty of Evendim…

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