LOTRO: Ranhold’s Battles in the Barrows!

Moving away from Gorfrik, Dwarf of the Blue Mountains, and focusing back on Ranhold, Man of Dale, I can report that he recently took part in a vary fast, very energetic blitz of the Barrow-Downs west of Bree, and true to the writings of Tolkien they proved to be a beguiling, fearful place repleat with foul undead creatures and the ever present stench of Angmar’s corruption.
Barowdowns 020

Lirwen took me there and introduced me to the poor folk who had become trapped and needed our help with various tasks, chief amongst them being the rescuing of a little girl who had become lost in the maze of low-lying hillocks and mounds. We found her, thanks the gods, safe and well and then we escorted her back to the road where she was once more safe, but the escorting duty was hampered by several attempts to grab her made by the vile udead Barrow-wights that haunt this acursed region!

Barowdowns 026

Barowdowns 023

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We found ourselves delving into many a tomb to recover lost relics, remove unwanted inhabitants and even, in one case, return the last rest to its rightful owner!
Barowdowns 022

Barowdowns 028

Barowdowns 027

Barowdowns 032

Barowdowns 035

Barowdowns 033

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Barowdowns 006

Ranhold still has a few tasks to complete there so I plan on going back and spending quite a bit of time exploring every part of this wonderfully realised & atmospheric region. Come join me in the foggy Barrow-Down! The weather is awful, the water brackish, the natives restless and you might well die… what a perfect spot for a holiday, don’t you think?
Barowdowns 001


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