LOTRO: Podcasts I like

I’ve never really bothered about podcasts before. There are several reasons – I’m not much of an audio guy, SL was never *that* interesting, and as I’d only ever listen on my phone and audio downloads can be a pain in the neck to deal with I simply couldn’t be arsed.

But in my fervour to learn as much as possible about LOTRO as quickly as I can I’ve actually been using Google Listen on my phone (Android FTW :-D) to catch up with three rather good podcasts and if you would like to know more about how passionate people are about the world of LOTRO, then head over and listen to:

  • LOTRO Reporter – Two Canadian mates chat & discuss & say ‘a-boot’ a lot 🙂
  • LiquidLOTRO – Two US mates chat about being new to the game (although not to RP MMOs)
  • A Casual Stroll to Mordor – US hubby & wife who are oldbies in the game discuss everything LOTRO and even hold ’round table’ style focus chats on specific topics.

If & when I find more, I let you know – I’ve started a LOTRO links section in the right hand menu bar of this blog for more link-goodness, I’ll push interesting links & news on my Twitter, my Buzz and the LOTRO section of my Google Reader Shared Page 🙂



  1. Naughty, naughty burro. I truly did not have time, nor did my dear husband have time. However…I am now an Elf. A Tinker, and really really poor fighter. If foul language could kill, I could be a Champion.

    1. Brilliant!I’m sure you’ll love it – and you have any musical skill, it’s worth noting you can compose and import your own music which your character will play in-world on one of the many instruments you can get 😀

      I’m on a European server call [EN] Snowbourn so I doubt you can join that one – but Turbine are taking over all EU servers on 1st June to make one united service and all our servers will move to North America so I’ll be available then (I think…)

      Will you be blogging about your LOTRO time? I do hope so! Welocome to Middle Earth 🙂

      p.s. Where about in the world did your Elf start? Thorin’s Gate?

  2. I started down by the Grey Havens. I wanted to do the Lore-Master character, but it was noted as an advanced character and I am most certainly a complete noob to RPGs. I doubt there will be much blogging on it, at least to start, as I am still blundering about a bit. I am tickled to have a trade, am quite mad to get a horse (I am at level 8 so I can now). And my husband is resisting the temptation to start playing a dwarf himself as he really wants one of those Moria Goats 🙂
    If I can figure out the photos I may post a picture or two, it is an amazingly lovely world and the lack of horrific lag is a delight.

    1. Hi!

      The Grey Havens… I have always found them so magical and alluring that one of the reasons I joined LOTRO was just to see them – now I know that Elves start there, I may have to create an elf PDQ 🙂

      And your hubby has exquisite taste (obviously :-D) as those goats are sweet looking – I’ve been galloped past by a few and they are wonderful!

      p.s. To take a pic is dead simple – press F11 🙂 F12 hides the UI (N toggles the floaty names on and off). Simples 🙂

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