LOTRO: Meet Gorfrik the Dwarf

I’ve created a new Av in LOTRO (or rolled a new toon, as the lingo goes) in order to feed my main character’s need for metals with which to practice his craft and forge new weapons. You see, as a historian Ranhold can collect no end of ingredients for tomes and potions but not metals for vital weapons, and although his Kin mates have been generous it’s been pointed out that having a second character who can collect and refine metals for shipping to him would be the best way to go. And so, without further ado, may I introduce Gorfrik, Dwarf of Thorin’s Gate, miner and hunter with aspirations to be either an Armourer or Armsman(1).
Gorfrik the Noob 001

Unlike Ranhold, who as a Man started in Archet, Gorfrik started in Thorin’s Gate north of Erid Luin. Also unlike Man, he started well before the time of The Fellowship and instead meets Galndalf, Glóin, Thorin & even a young(!) Gimli as they discuss the recruitment of a young hobbit named Bilbo Baggins for a very special company…
Map - Erid Luin 001

Gorfrik meets Gandalf 001

Gorfrik meets Gimli 002

Gorfrik meets Thorin 001

In Archet, Ranhold had to rescue two hobbits from a Nazgul – here Gorfrik had to help Gimli rescue miners from first a silver mine(2) cave in, and then a ruddy great Cave Troll!
Silver Mine 001

Silver Mine Troll 002

Silver Mine Troll 003

Silver Mine Troll 005

Silver Mine Troll 006

Silver Mine Troll 007

From here the tale leaps forward seventy odd years to the time of The Fellowship and sees Gorfrik journeying to Edhelion as part of diplomatic team to make contact with a group of Elves, but more of that in a future post…
Edhelion 001

Edhelion 002

(1) For more on Crafting and Crafts, see this Lotro Wiki page.

(2) The silver mine is a very lovely place – I hope the tale takes me back there one day 🙂
Silver Mine 003



  1. Heh – I am wanting to create an Elf character in this game now – go off being busy doing strictly Elven sorts of things and leave the mucking about and fighting to the Dwarves and Men 😉

    1. I *really* want to play an Elf Lore-Master at some point, but two characters is my limit for now.

      I’ve found that hardest part in choosing a character to be the question “What to pick if I’m going to be playing & questing on my own?” Some professions do not lend themselves to combat (MMO-heads call these Squishies, which I think is an ace name for them :-D) and if, like me, you are new to RP MMOs then it easier to play a tough fighter type as much of the basic game play is geared to smacking the enemy in the cake-hole.

      I think that for a noob like me, it’s best to start off with a tough tank-like character and then, once you understand the game, create a new character in one of the less robust categories and have some fun with magic and music and thievery 🙂

    2. And oddly enough I never thought *I’d* play a dwarf either – I have a post scheduled for a few day s from now in which I mention that I’ve always thought Dwarves to be a bit silly but I have found that in LOTRO they have been realised really, really well and I don’t feel like I’m playing a comedy clown at all – another nice surprise and big hat tip to the designers 🙂

  2. Hail and well met to Gorfrik, may your beard grow bushy and never wither.
    We are glad to see you recognise the true heart, sincereity and loyalty of dwarves.
    At you, and your families service,
    The Khazad Guard

    1. Gorfrik sent a messenger goat to wish your kin the warmth of both his welcome and his halls. There was also some ranting, sweary stuff about Dourhands copulating with goblins that I’m not going to pass on – filthy stuff.

  3. That is a super-peachy-keen post. Thanks for really blathering on like that! Seriously, I don’t think I could have spent more effort wishing for something heavy to fall on me to erase that nonsense from my mind!

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