Could I have found a lost part of Kahruvel in LOTRO

What do you think, Sal?

Beautiful Eriador 002 - Kahruvel



  1. Eriador, eh? Now that’s a bit of all right! If not a lost bit of Kahruvel then must be of the same seed at least. What a beautiful area and a great snap. Now I must see if I can find a way to port there somehow…

    1. The forests of Eriador, whilst undoubtedly beautiful, are a wilder, more dangerous place than fair Kahruvel. Wild beasts such as bears, wolves and fierce boars roam freely and in these troubled times where a shadow spreads from the East, bands of violent Brigands and even foul Orcs prowl and lurk. If you do find a way to visit, please ensure you come with a stout stick, or even a trusty sword – I fear you will need it.

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