LOTRO: My First Pictures

My first 6 months in SL I didn’t take any photos – the whole world was so alien to me, the whole concept of an online life so new, that I spent most of my time in a state of confused future-shock. Of course when I realised how to take photos I was hooked and this is a feature I now think about in every game or world I join. In-worldz camera control was lovely, Blue Mars less so and in Left 4 Dead I had to use Fraps, but in all I managed to grab shots of myself and the world around me. So when I joined LOTRO a few days ago almost my first act was to try an take a picture and it turned out to be surprisingly easy! F12 hides the UI and F11 snaps the shot to your hard drive – simples 🙂

I’ve yet to investigate camera control & lighting (both of which I expect to be less flexible that SL but probably better then BM was) but I’ve taken a small number of shots. I’ll take more as I go on and become more adept at the game – once the mad clicking on everything ohmygodi’minanotherfight! stage passes I can relax a little and look at the trees some more 🙂

Still, my mate Nish asked to see some pictures and that’s good enough for me 😀

Here I am about to enter the woods of Chetwood outside Combe – see what I mean about the UI being BLIMEY! but somehow it doesn’t get in the way at all.

Here I am riding into Bree at night – I’ve only seen Bree at night briefly but it’s large and very beautiful.

Here I am with Lirwen sat on a jetty near the Staddle gate outside Combe – Lirwen called me over to take a moment to see the stars (which have real constellations in!)

And finally here’s Lirwen and I sat chatting and relaxing under the stars – not long after this we had to help some hobbits and then whack the living daylights out of some boars, bears, neeker-breekers, marshflies, goblins and huge bastard spiders!



    1. It really is! I’ve never played WoW but I read the other day that LOTRO looks more ‘real’ because so many people associate its visuals with the wealth of artwork produced over the year as well as the amazing beauty of New Zealand. Thsi meant that the designers had to make it look spectacular because the fans expected it. I’m sure I saw a video somewhere…. googles furiously…


  1. Thanks Head 🙂 Yes definitely very beautiful I think i’d spend my time wandering round looking at the scenery I wouldn’t survive the orcs and spiders for long
    Best of luck in your quests and i look forward to hearing of your conquests and may you aquire Plenty of Dirty filth 🙂

    1. hehe, I’m not sure what the filth & goo you collect upon killing certain creatures is for but shop keepers in the game pay for it so collect it I do. I *think* it can be used in certain crafting skills, maybe to make potions and the like.

      I’m heading back into Chetwood tonight to battle a half-warg (think ruddy great wold crossed with a pissed off bear and with some giant hyena thrown in for good measure) and I have a feeling it might be a tough fight!

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