A Dr Who Review Or Two From Me to Youuuuuu!

I’ve been listening to a shed load of audiobooks from AudioGo during my daily motorway commute and I thought I’d pass on my mini-reviews in case you fancy trying some – hell, if I can save just one person from The Rising Night I shall sleep a happy man:

The Rising Night: Crap vampires, crap Yorkshire accents, a crap doctor. Just crap really. I don’t like vampires at the best of times (bloody over acting wankers) and the story is oddly flat with a pretty ineffectual Doctor. Michelle Ryan has a lovely voice & Nis a good reader, but her Yorkshire accent… og for the love of Christ! Trust me, don’t waste your money.

Snowglobe 7: Much better! Georgia Moffat is a great reader and this story holds together better than a crappy black pudding bothering fang faced harridan with a phobia of horseshoes (well, if you ignore the whole moving great chunks of the Earth’s poles to Dubai to preserve them). I liked this Doc better than the last one, even though they are the same incarnation, because he’s less wishy-washy and more blowy-upy. Good body horror, high death rate and an effective human military response. I like!

Dead Air: Silly and just about OK really. The alien wasn’t that interesting and every time the story found itself heading towards a nice horror moment it chickened out. Weak.

Pest Control: A cross between Dead Air and Snowglobe 7 in that it had some nice horror and interesting humans, but the doc was back to his hippy self again. Also Donna Noble was so bloody annoying!

I’ve got some more to listen to so I’ll post my mini-reviews as and when but in the meantime what I’m really looking for is a good, adult Dr Who tale – one that ditches the kitsch silliness and offers a genuinely scary tale with a desperate, murderous Doctor. I want my doctor angry and vengeful and with death in his heart, oh yes!



  1. Thank you for listening so we needn’t. Nothing irritates more than badly done regional accents.

    We’re now bracing for the US TV episodes on this side; the state it was filmed in has some unique linguistic quirks. I do not expect to hear the distinctive “Utah Dixie” accent, which expects harses ta live inntha born.

    1. Aye, a poor accent can be a tad jarring. I seem to be alone in the world thinking Hugh Laurie in House is shocking! As for these books, I did find a great site with some in-depth reviews but I’ve since lost the sodding URL 😀

  2. Hah, the wife and I are in the middle of a Dr. Who tv marathon.I’m not sure how many seasons we’ll make it through, but the episodes so far are more on than off, and some are really good and very mind stretching indeed. If you haven’t got into it yet you may also like Torchwood, which is how we entered the Dr. Who mythos.

    1. Hi Bakers! As a Brit and a child of the 70’s I’ve been watching Dr Who since about ’75 and have always loved it (not in a Whovian fan & convention sort of way, more in a nostalgic sort of way). I’ve really liked the new series and firmly think this new Doc (Matt Smith) is the best ever (not too keen on Amy Pond though). Although I’m glad Russell T Davies brought it back, I’m glad he’s out of the picture now – Moffatt is a far better storysmith. As for Torchwood, I’m afraid I can not share your enjoyment of that one – I pretty much hated it 😀

      For a great SL Dr Who, follow Holo’s blog: http://holocluck.blogspot.com/

      For a great fan blog on Dr Who try out: http://dirtywhoers.blogspot.com/

  3. Thank you HB-A! I’ll check out the Who blogs you recommend for sure. If you ever attempt to watch Torchwood again, keep in mind that Season 2 is considerably better than 1. Our experience and others. We’re Cpt. Jack fans.

    1. Yeah, I didn’t bother with series 2 at all but I heard they worked some of the kinks out… although with Gwen there I can’t bring myself to watch her as her voice makes me want to start a war!

  4. I haven’t seen every TV episode, but I think you’d have to go a long way to get a creepier story than ‘Blink’…. that’s maybe the best episode I’ve ever seen. So far I’m not sure I have any high hopes for Matt Smith… I miss David Tennant, he was my favorite so far.

  5. Just as a follow-up I was checking out the ratings of various DW episodes here,


    and saw that the only one I’d give a 10 to (or 20, using their ratings), called “Love and Monsters”, is the episode they stuck with the lowest score. Typical. I also enjoyed “The Impossible Planet”/”The Satan Pit” airing before it.

    Without checking in depth, I’d guess “Love and Monsters” is probably one of those really polarizing episodes , somewhat like this X-Files one in a similar, absurdist view. Another favorite, btw.


    We’re still hooked, though! Starting DW Season 3 now.

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