Sinatra Cartier’s Spook House has closed – a sad day for SL History Buffs…

It’s with a heavy heart that I heard from my mate Shigeko that the wonderful Spook House in Noyo (a long time landmark in for anyone interested in the history of SL) has shut down and gone. There is a LM giver that directs you to Sinatra Cartier’s copy in Natoma so we haven’t lost this wonderful build forever, but Noyo seems a little emptier today and given all the changes in the surround sims as the Forest of Kahruvel slowly contracts and de-rezzes it feels as though many of the old lands and my old haunts (no pun, etc.) are slipping away. Anyway, lest I get too maudlin I urge you all to head over to Natoma and take a ride on the Spook House – and while you are at it catch Sinatra in one of his concerts because frankly he’s bloody brilliant!

My first (recorded – I had visited in 07) visit to the Spook House in Feb 08
Sinatra's Sppok House in Noyo

The same site in Noyo today
The Death of the Spooks_001

My Road Trip in Noyo

My Road Trip in Natoma

By pure chance I recently filmed my journey through the Noyo Spook House


    1. Well fear not for there are two copies still in world – head over to Natoma to see one and I’m not sure of the sim name for the other. When I get chance I’ll edit the post with SLURLs 🙂

  1. I think you may have been right about the Noyo Mall explosion. What with the time dilation and all, it may have had a delayed effect on some of those nearby parcels. Best to keep an eye on James Miller’s plot!

  2. In one of those little Second Life coincidences, I recall stumbling across the Spook House during a ramble several years ago.

      1. After searching the blog tirelessly – well, perhaps for five minutes or so and doing a few keyword searches – I couldn’t find any photographic evidence to back up my claim. It’s possible the trip pre-dates the blog, or that I was walking fairly aimlessly, happened across the Spook House, and wandered off again without recording the stay for posterity.

  3. Hello HeadBurro,

    Thanks so much for the blog about the Spook House and for your support over the years.

    There is now only one ride in existence and it is in Yulmu (99, 123, 799)

    With the help of some great friends it now has a new home 🙂

    I have posted a picture on

    Sinatra Cartier

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