It’s you, stupid…

Have a look in the mirror. Go on, have a really good look at your face. That face that stares back at you. Those eyes. Those eyes belong to the reason Second Life is shit. You are the reason the Lab employees go home crying at night, you bastard!

I’m not going to link to Uncle Hammy’s Glorious Revelation of The Ultimate Truth (can you guess why?) so you’ll have to google for it, but trust me when I say he proves conclusively that Second Life’s woes (I’m not sure what they are, but if Hammy says we have woes then we bloody well have woes!) are down to you – yes you!

It’s not lag. It’s not the viewer. It’s not high prices. It’s not the fact the Lab is competing with land owners and renters. The shitty customer service. The fucked chat. No. It’s you and me not just shutting the fuck up and sitting quietly like the open wallets we are spunking wonga up the Lab’s leg like a sex-addled ATM. That and the fact you just won’t let him have facebook-humping-SL dream and cruelly insist on keeping your name secret so you can hide behind a made up persona, you cowardly shit!

So listen to Uncle Hammy, keep your miserable whining to yourself and keep paying the bills so the Lab can have more parties Hammy can crash and twat on about.

Fuck me…


    1. Well Hammey’s been off the deep end for a while now – Adric had him bang to rights. He’s a SEO gamer and traffic troll.

  1. Hamlet is… well. If you can’t same something nice don’t say anything at all… is complete bullshit.

    Hamlet is for Hamlet. Not the greater good. But slighting and offending on blogs is fantastic for PR and site traffic… thus patented and proven by the epic Ms./Mr. Neva.

    Still… when someone is a jerk and finally outs themselves as a selfish ass there is much to celebrate. Mask off. I guess its hard to lick wounds and return to a community after dissing it to go to Blue Mars?

    All hail the attention mongers and the trolls!

    Le sigh.


    1. Troll is right. Maybe he’s pissed BM failed… maybe he’s looking to a new venture and feels the need to trash SL… who knows? All that is clear is that a) his central point is very, very wrong (as if the user base could hold back any change the Lab wanted to do, including pulling the plug tomorrow!), and b) he’s an idiot for writing such shit.

      Unfollowed, blocked, done with.

      Fuck but I wish Adric were here – he’d tear him three new arseholes for this bollocks 🙂

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth…and then added a whole lot of expletives. 🙂

    Seriously, I have no idea where Hamlet’s post came from. People who are in SL and enjoy it don’t want to change what they’re *doing* because, gee, they enjoy it. And there’s plenty of evidence that they’re willing to change *how* they go about doing it – as long as the change makes things easier.

    The change that everyone in SL bitches about is change that seems to be fairly arbitrary and makes things worse: viewer 2, Zindra,… or where users *want* change and it doesn’t happen: group chat, banning Red Zone (happened, but slowly), etc.

    And Facebook? The best place to learn about what’s going on in SL? Good Lord! Where to start with that comment?

    1. You’re spot on mate – I’ve worked in enough offices and large organisations to know some thing home workers like Hammy either don’t know or forget as they sit watching trash TV and scratching their nuts under their overheating laptop – change is not about what changes, it’s about how it changes. Most workers are only scared of one thing in change (maybe two is you count in loss of the comfortable known) and that is loss of job & income. If that isn’t a factor then there is little reason to fear change yet so many places handle it so badly people not only fear it, but loathe it. This is the Lab’s problem – very few of us would be worse off if the Lab shut down (hell, I suspect most of us would be better off, wallet-wise!) so that can’t be why we hate the changes the Lab force on us. The fact they force them on us is what pisses people off so much.

      Hammy’s a home working, pretend journo, social media smoke & mirrors flim flam dolt whose biggest change decision of the day is when to change of of his PJ and grab that skinny frappe from the hip coffee shop down the hill.

  3. I thought you weren’t reading those blogs
    Now look you’ve got yourself all worked up again 🙂
    Mind you what a complete **** I don’t often read Hamlets dribble it winds me up too much and this really twisted me. He’s been living in another world too long and shouldn’t even be commenting on sl issues He’s probably just saying what he thinks the Lindens want to hear as usual
    Best to take no notice of the silly little man
    Grrrrr 🙂

  4. oh bugger me senseless.

    I stopped reading the hamster ages ago (never really read him seriously, because he was always a feckless shill for whoever was holding his leash and giving him yummies).

    I’m not going to bother with reading this one either. Thanks for covering it HB. You saved me the trouble scanning his new brand of worthless cocktwaddle.

    In all seriousness, Hamlet was one of those early plugmeisters for the platform who just never kept up with understanding what it was actually used for. He seemed to have a lack of any empathy or connection with the real customer base are now that was almost equal to that of the Lindens themselves. Some of us who have stayed since virtual dirt was invented have managed to evolve in how we interact with each other and the platform…but I don’t think Hamlet ever did.

    Meh. Most shit and bloggers become obsolete after a while. Give it long enough and he’ll move on to “quaint.”

    1. Hiya Dio – you make a good point about Hammy not evolving his relationship with the grid, and you are not alone in making it. The future of the web is going to be multi-faceted and mobile. SL will never fit into that in the same way Twitter or Facebook does and will probably always be a niche market – Hammy will just have to look elsewhere for his scooby snacks and if that means his own brand of “insight” won’t save SL then so be it – nothing lasts forever and if the Lab folds in a year or two (or ten) then we should spend that time enjoying it. Bollocks to him.

  5. Ironically, I had just finally dropped the link from my blog after seeing the latest “Miss Metaverse Manners” posting 🙂 The inanity just of the headline had me scrambling to rid my life of everything Au.
    Then all hell breaks loose and I have to google NWN to peek in and see what the fuss is about.
    It is so terribly convenient when people decide to tell us all what they really think.

    1. Oh god, his endless obsession with beautiful av contests is just so fucking depressing. No wonder he thinks the move by Blue Mars to become a dress-up-doll vote’n’buy iphone app is a good idea – just imagine how many posts will write themselves for him then. A whole series of guides on the etiquette of voting via txt or email awaits… god help us.

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