Steal Head: The Story In Full.

The great thing about multi-participant roleplay is the sheer scope & inventiveness of posts and photos that people post to their blogs. Unfortunately it can mean that it’s hard to follow the ebb and flow of the tale and sometime you can miss whole chunks. To try and address this I maintained a record of everyone’s posts and listed them in a chronological order that made sense to the tale. If you’ve never read “Steal Head” before, or are returning to re-read it, I hope this guide helps you find your way through what proved to be an amazing four months of my life 🙂


The tale begins…

All across Steelhead, people start having nightmares… ((An OOC call to join in the nightmares!))

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the first time…

A vandal paints graffiti around town

A message is revealed and the Sentinel is on the case!

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the second time…

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the third time & Capt Creighton delivers a photograph…

Steal Head Arrives in Town!

Lunar calls for an expedition to the site of the photograph.

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the fourth time & Capt Creighton delivers a photograph from the expedition…

More from around Steelhead on the spate of vicious murders! ((An OOC call to join in the murderous fun!))

Dr Beck falls to the creature and a rescue is undertaken.

The end of Steelhead’s nightmare, yet Ya Yiwama claims one final victim…

In the murky waters of Steelhead’s Shanghai port, the legacy of evil battles on…


Steal Head: The End.

All “Steal Head” posts can be read on my blog here and on the Steelhead Ning here.


  1. *applause* That was some mighty fine storytelling there, my friend. And a hearty “Well Done” to the many Steelheaders who jumped in with enormous creativity and flair. This was a fantsasic triumph of group shared RP. I am most impressed. Too bad about the good Dr., however. Such a strong character must have been hard for you to let go.

    1. Thank you very much! It’s fair to say that this was a real labour of love for me – I’d spent a year really trying to get group/collaborative RP going in Steelhead and after a few stalled/failed starts I finally hit upon something that caught the attention and fired up the imaginations of so many talented writers/players. I’d really like to re-capture that but it hard to continue that level of energy and as we all know, lightning doesn’t strike in the same area more than once very often.

      As for the poor departed doc, well read on into Gang Wars/Mutations… 😉

      1. Such synchronicity is indeed rare. Now that the Steelheaders have had a taste of it; however, maybe they will be more open to the opportunity again. I have begun to read the Gang Wars and Mutations posts, trying hard not to get ahead of things as I do.

        One wonders what lasting effects will the lingering poison left behind by Ya Yimawa will have on the waters of the bay.

        1. Ahhh, the toxic sludge left behind was explored in the wonderful cross-blog, multi-character tales of Dr Mason’s family. You can find links to his many blogs on the right under “RP – The Mason Mythos”. Fair to say the Qli and her family paid a high price for rescuing the doc & freeing Steelhead from the evil of Ya Yiwama…

  2. I know it would have ruined the dramatic impact of the finale, but just for absurdity’s sake it might have been fun to see Sally jump in and pinch Steal Head’s nose.

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