A Trip Back To The Future!

An old CNN contact of mine, Latok Neumann, has been a busy busy bee for the last few months. As an avid fan of the amazing Back To The Future films she (and a group of her friends) have been recreating the iconic town square of Hill Valley in 2015, complete with Jaws 19 at the movie theatre…
Hill Valley 2015_005

The Cafe 80’s…
Hill Valley 2015_009

The ultra cool Texaco garage!
Hill Valley 2015_004

Goldie Wilson posters…
Hill Valley 2015_002

And even the antique shop next to the cafe… that book looks familiar…
Hill Valley 2015_008

The crowning glory of this really amazing fan-built site is the town hall, complete with lightning damaged clock!
Hill Valley 2015_007

Hill Valley 2015_012

The whole place smacks of fun and a real joy in the films – get along and take a look yourself 😀
Hill Valley 2015_014

TP over to this SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/bakabots/200/100/30/



  1. Thank you so much HBA. I am constantly adding and improving things. There’s still a lot to do and improve. We spend a crazy amount of time on some details nobody will probably ever notice 🙂

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