Steal Head: Chapter 17 – Slipping Back…

Curled in a foetal ball, Beck was lowered from the Revenge to the ground below where a circle of nuns held back the crowd gathering to witness the battle in the rail car. The sounds emanating from the partially submerged caboose hinted at the fierce fight raging, but no one could have imagined the true horror of what was happening inside.

Someone began to lay a blanket over the prone doctor but a large, fawn paw gently stopped them, “No,” a voice purred, “let me help him first.”


Beck was alone in the night, the darkness complete and total… except… except for a small point somewhere above him. He watched, unsure how to react as the small point grew, becoming a hole in the jet black that surrounded him. The hole began to crack, ripping at the edges, tearing through the thick fabric of his prison. Another appeared, and another. Soon dozens of small pinpricks began to grow and spread, their jagged paths connecting and joining as they went, weaving a criss-crossing web of light around him, splitting and ripping the darkness away until, with a sudden rush of pure white light, the walls of his confinement shattered and exploded into dissolving shards of nothingness.

He blinked his eyes open, squinting against the harsh daylight until he could see, and he found himself looking into the the most beautiful green eyes he’d ever seen. “Welcome back, Doctor Beck,” Softpaw purred with a kind smile.

Beck struggled to find his voice, “Wh… where…?”

“You are safe now, that’s all that matters. You were lost to us, but I found you in the darkness.”


Behind him there was a sudden shout from the crowd. He turned and found he was on the quay side of the Sampan lagoon where Xao had blown up the stilted rail car. (How had he come to be here? The last thing he remembered as finding Xan’s body… or was it the ball in Manchester… or the endless ice…?) As he tried to order his thoughts and memories, a spout of water leapt from the lagoon as, with a grinding of metal on rock and a cracking of wood, the rail car began to slide over the edge of the lagoon’s basin and into the deep, cold waters of Shanghai’s docks.

“Everyone back!” a nun shouted “It’s going down!”


To be continued…

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