Steal Head: Chapter 16 – Clever Monkeys

Ya Yiwama reached deep into the pygmy mind of his new Herald and smiled as the monkey crumpled to the floor at his feet. He saw the darkness this one carried inside rapidly overtaking spread; soon he’d make a worthy servant.

A sudden psychic spike screamed out a warning . He spun just in time to see three green-skinned dog-monkeys burst out of the water behind him. At almost the same time an explosion thudded dully through his lair and a perfect circle of the wooden roof fell in, narrowly missing his catatonic Herald. As the green filth leapt at him, tearing with teeth and claw and slicing with sword and dagger, he saw a winged monkey born of the stars and another crafted from metal and powered by sorcery fall from the hole and land next to the Herald. The metal one grabbed his servant-to-be and a ball of lightning erupted: when it vanished so had they.

Ya Yiwama roared in fury and lunged at the one with wings, only to be pulled back by the green dogs yelping and snapping at his heels. He turned and swiped them off, sending them crashing and tumbling off the walls, each of them holding on to their head-wear and barking back insults and taunts as though they felt no fear of him. He spun back to grab the monkey with wings when another lighting bolt flashed in front of him and he crashed headlong into the metal body of the monkey who had dared to take his Herald.

His rage knew no bounds as he felt his hands close around her cold, hard body…


To be continued…

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