Steal Head: Chapter 15 – The Rescue Begins!

After the delay in telling the last chapter, things are moving rapidly towards a conclusion – if you are wondering what will happen to the stricken Dr Beck and what the vague noises he heard at the end of Chapter 14, then you need to join the action over on Darien Mason’s many blogs of wonder. Below are the links so far, but I’ll post more as they come – and don’t forget, you can check the oft update “Story So Far” over on the Ning at any time.

Dr Beck falls to the creature and a rescue is undertaken.


Steal Head: To be continued…

Links to other blogs and stories:
1) All my “Steal Head” posts can be read on my blog here and on the Steelhead Ning here.
2) The latest “Steal Head” Story So Far recap can be found here.
3) All my “Mutations” posts can be read here.


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