The Sound of Hell…

I love the randomness of the interwebz – I was looking for the correct spelling of Tsarina and ended up watching a video of a gatling gun making a sound I only ever imagined the Devil himself could make – this is a seriously horrific sound! I’m not even going to imagine what bullets the length of my hand would do any poor bastard on the receiving end, but if I was ever unlucky enough to hear this sound in RL I’d probably crap myself!

p.s. the route was Tsarina > video about the huge Tsar nuke > video of a daisy cutter bomb > scary gun!

p.p.s. Apparently if you *don’t* hear the gun roaring it’s because the huge bullets killed you first. Blimey.


  1. I hate all guns… that one is just.. unbelieveable.

    Doesn’t it shock you the about of wasted brain power we spend on designing things like this … for the sole purpose of slaying other human beings.

    What will they say about us 100 years from now. We are still Barbarians… with better swords apparently.


    1. I’m with you – no gun-bunny I. I *can* appreciate the engineering skill in making it and I would rather like to fire it at an old transit van, but there’s no mistaking it’s purpose isn’t for playing with. Here’s a clip of the late, great Bill Hicks and his piece about a weapons catalogue…

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