Ol’ Steal Head Crosses The Fourth Wall!


S—– A—– to Ryne
[17:09] S—– A—–: And now the Steal Head monster is showing up in TYPISTS’ dreams. Well done, sir. o_0

If you too fancy a nocturnal visit from a head-collecting Nasca god, that catch up with all the “Steal Head” posts here.



  1. Thats extraordinary! So did I!!

    In my dream, Steal Head and I were sitting at a table by the side of the water playing chess. Silence reigned between us for several minutes. For some reason I was dressed in a black robe and holding a scythe…

    Then, whilst moving the knight on the board Steal Head spoke to me! You know, I remember every word.

    He said “Do you know old chap…I do wish that Headburro Antfarm fella would drop everything & post the final chapter on his blog… now…”

    To which I replied “I know..but he has said it will be by this weekend..”

    To which Steal Head replied “Nah..not fast enough…”

    And then he bit my head off…literally.

    Talk about surreal….

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