Poor Old Dr Beck, trapped in Ol’ Steal Head’s lair for what seems like forever as our typist tries to find enough time to finish off his tale, the shame of it! Well in the meantime, and spurred on by Bookworm Hienrichs’ wonderful tale of the most recent zombie outbreak in New Babbage, I thought you might like the chance to re-read Dr Beck’s close shave with the foul undead in last year’s New Babbage zombie uprising. I don’t know, once seems like bad luck whilst twice seems a tad… careless if you ask me. Still, it is with great pleasure that I give you Dr Beck and his tale of The Mysterious Note! Enjoy… mwahahahahahahaha!

Steelhead: The Mysterious Note

p.s. The Steal Head tale will be resuming (and completing) very soon. Honest.


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