Steelhead Stories: Hope Rides Alone – The Autopsy Report.

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” the voice belonged to a well spoken young woman who was clearly nervous.

“Yah. Vat else kan ve do?” this voice was different, male, gutteral and raw, “Leaff vat’s left uf him here und let Herr Doktor sort it out ven he gets back.” He kicked the surgery door open and heaved a sack onto the metal table.

“If he gets back,” the young woman replied from the doorstep, apparently unwilling to enter

Her green-skinned companion stopped briefly to think about this, “Yah,” he chuckled “Dat’s a goot point halright. He kould be feesh fud for hall ve know.”

“Oh don’t!” the women said, “I’m sure Captain Vales will find him safe and well, won’t he?”

“Heh,” the jager snorted, passing her and closing the surgery door behind him, “I vouldn’ be so sure, dat Schteal Head kreep iz vun tough feesh man. Kome on, ve’ve left de schtiff so let’s get back to de Konsulate, huh?”

And they were gone, heading back to the city’s capital, taking the long route round less to avoid the criminal gangs (what Tong member in his right mind would take on a Jager, after all) but more to avoid the squalor and filth of the slums that lay between the surgery and the Wulfenbach Consulate.

From the window of the missing (presumed eaten) Dr Beck’s room, a man watched them go. He checked his watch: things were running to schedule, give or take, and now it was his turn. He picked up his battered leather bag and headed down to the surgery below.


Three hours later he read his typed autopsy report

Name: Unknown
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown – approx. mid-twenties.
Race: Japanese
Cause of death: Localised explosion.

The subject was killed by a direst blast from what would appear to be a significant energy discharge. His entire lower body from his feet up to the bottom of his rib cage, along with his right arm, has been totally evaporated. The remainder of his torso shows signs of significant heat trauma consistent with a large energy discharge at close range, the burnt tissue and bone indicate a heat signature consistent with a directed blast of plasma. This would appear to match witness reports of the attack on the victim.

My conclusion is that the so called ‘pink robots’ currently seen around town are armed with a highly advanced energy weapon system currently beyond the technological capabilities of Steelhead.

My recommendation is that the public be warned to keep their distance from all of the robots and both the Europan Jagers and Qlippothic should increase their patrols.



The man sighed, it was strange to be back knowing what was happening so close-by. He wanted to go and stop it, help put an end to the torment, but he knew he couldn’t, not without upsetting so much of what he’d fought for. No, he was here for this and nothing more. With a last look around the old, familiar room, he sealed the single page in an envelope and wrote across the front, in large bold letters, “For The Immediate Attention of The Town Authorities”.


To be continued…

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  1. This is TORTURE!!!! I haven’t picked up a book in weeks since you started ‘Steal Head’, you leave every chapter on a cliffhanger, you’ve left Ryne Beck in mortal danger and now you’ve bought in a character playing an important role to the whole story you’ve created, forcing me to reread your other stories to confirm it is who I think it is.

    In all seriousness, really enjoying your work so far, reminds me a lot of H P Lovecraft..Just do me a favour..hurry up with Chapter 14…please?

    1. Hehe, thank you! It’s really nice to know someone is reading. This post was a favour to Clara who has started her own RP tale over on the Steelhead Ning, but I’ll be getting back to Steal Head & Mutations really soon 😀

  2. oh c’mon!!! It’s been nearly five days now!!! I’m on my knees, begging..when we getting the next chapter??? Please???? Pretty please????? 🙂

    As for my guess at the mystery man..I’m probably way off base, but I seem to recall Dr.Beck’s surgery was previously run by Dr.Mason(Darien?), who left Steelhead, so that was my initial reaction, but then I wondered about the one character who was lost way back, in the Lost Journal (behind a dimensional doorway..) and who might have survived….

    Jeremiah Mason.

    Course, I should really go read Clara’s story and see if I was WAY OUT! 🙂

    1. LOL! I’m sorry, honestly I am… work is manic this month and I just don’t have the time & energy I had last month. I *am* writing the next (final!) post in the Steal Head saga though – I’m hoping it’ll be out this weekend-ish.

      Clara’s story has only had one post on the Ning so far (my post was really just to help her out and support her RP) but I know she is about to post part two very soon so keep an eye out for that. I can also recommend the excellent ‘gang wars’ plot unfolding in Shanghai being headed up by Alana Steamweaver (again, check the Ning – there’s been a few posts so far and I think it’s a storyline that will really take off very soon).

      As for the mystery man, well I can’t say… at least not yet! Alas, Dr Mason didn’t live there before Dr Beck – Dr M *did* live in Steelhead, but not the Shanghai region. After his banishment from the Steamlands, HeadBurro Antfarm moved into his lab for a short while until it blew up:

    1. Heh, well I think you’ll have time now – once the next/last “Steal Head” post is done, my RP will take a wee break as I catch my breath and watch the other Steelhead RP tales unfold. I really put my all into this to try and get RP going in the city and it’s worked!

  3. awww nuts..ok I was wrong about the property but my money is still on the elder Mason. Or maybe…just maybe..going completely off on a tangent now…a time travelling Doctor Beck from the future?
    and now you post “Intermission” and a link to another story as well? WHAT YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Oh no. That is just not fair……looks like I have some extra reading to do. Should be finished by January.. 🙂

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