Steal Head: Chapter 12 – The New Herald…

The monkeys had grown clever. Clever and dangerous. They had new things, things not given to fear. Things of china powered by the dust of creation flew through the skies. Dog-men bred for war ran through the streets. Metal machines clanked and splashed above and beneath the waves. All were looking for Him, all protecting His prey. He was still weak, still consolidating. He had to hide and swim as His terrible hunger drove Him on. He would fight them all! He would kill them all! He would not be denied! He… He was not what He once had been. The fall had been far. He was hungry and to eat He found He had to adopt a level of caution He despised.

Until, as if sensing His desperation, the capricious whim of the Universe turned in His favour.

From the moment He saw the monkey He knew His Herald was found. The old Herald had been unsuitable from the start and now hovered on the brink of death. This one was different. The fear coursing through its veins and the scent of its soul had nearly sent Him into a feeding frenzy but the black emptiness inside it spoke to Him. He halted and stared into the weakling monkey at the thick tar of its self-hatred that had crept out to inhabit every part of its pathetic little body. The monkey was all but lost and would soon rejoice to be His Herald.

Cries of alarm! The dog-men were coming and there was no time to loose. He swept the monkey from its feet and dove into the water. His new lair was nearby and there His new Herald would learn to serve Him…


To be continued…

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