Adric Antfarm – Haunting Hammy From Beyond The Grave!

In what I can only imagine is a development that would make Adric piss himself laughing, Hammy has posted a piece about his death only to see it turn into a “Hammy is teh ebil!” flame war. Adric would have loved that – not the fact that the Hamster posted about his death, which would have pissed him of royally, but that people managed to get their “FUCK OFF AND DIE!” posts to stick in a place he himself found his comments more often than not wiped from.

An Aside…
Y’know, even though I don’t read it anymore, I really do wish Ham wouldn’t post Blue Mars posts in his SL blog – but I guess it’s his blog so it’s his choice… which leads me nicely back to the start of this sentence 🙂 Anyhoo, back to the main event…

Follow the fun!
Hamlet’s post.
Crap’s no nonsense post in reply.

Other Adric links:
The post from Amalia that announced Adric’s death.
His RL friend’s photo tribute.
An in-world memorial.
Prok says his own sort of farewell…

Other Crap/Prok/Adric stuff:
There seems to be another in the endless spats between Prok & Crap with Adric & Josue… all amusing stuff from the outside so I thought you’d like a read 🙂



  1. “he himself found his comments more often than not wiped from”

    This is not accurate. Adric frequently commented on my blog for at least the last couple years, and I only deleted a handful of comments that were outside the bounds of the guidelines. (And no, not just a few flaming me for consulting with Blue Mars, he got into some flame wars previous to that.)

    1. Hi Ham. Noted and fair enough. Whilst I have you here, may I make a plea for you to hold Philip to some of the promises he’s been making, especially group chat? You have his ear in a way we don’t, please speak for us.

  2. I did already write a long post noting that improving chat is one of seven ways to save Second Life:

    If that didn’t convince him, I don’t know what else I can say. Avatar Reality is definitely much more interested in what I say about making virtual worlds mass market.

    1. Thanks for the link Ham and I remember that post well.

      I think what I’d like to see is a much more focused Q&A with Philip – you are in a unique position to hold him to account. I like Philip – hell, most folks do because he seems like such a nice guy and is very erudite and does the vision thing really well. Yet for all his and other people’s talk in the last 18 months to two years almost fuck all has actually changed except window dressing. You above anyone else can sit him don and say “you said you were going to fix A. Where are you on that? When will it be done?”

      But I understand if that’s not how you want to run your blog – it’s your blog after all and you can do what you want with it, even if it is to waste (in my humble opinion) your skills on “hottest avatars” tosh. Fuck me, I’m hardly one to preach about blog content given the crap I fill mine with 😀

  3. Not sure why you think exploring the concept of the Uncanny Valley in a fun and accessible way is a waste of the blog’s time, but OK.

    Dude, I’m consulting for a competitor. Like I said a couple weeks ago, inasmuch as NWN covers Second Life, it’ll be about user-generated content, not the company itself. But Philip’s already acknowledged LL’s shortcomings in various venues in any case.

    1. Hi Hamlet – mate, you’d be surprised how many folks have contacted me about what I’m asking of you. Not telling me to get off your case exactly, more that I’m expecting too much from you and your ties to a company largely different to the one you last worked for nearly 5 years ago.

      I guess I saw you as our last hope. The last person who might, only might, be able to nail Philip down to some key deliverables that would actually improve the on-line experience. but, as you say, you’ve moved on from SL now (a wise move, by the way) so you aren’t the person to do that.

      As for why I dislike the naked avs posts so much, well the main reason is their utter banality. Please don’t confuse the naked av posts with your uncanny valley ones – the former have sod all to do with the later, which only go to add to the view that SLers are a group of fat, pale bedroom-dwelling geeks thrashing their old chap raw to humping Sims. I *know* you covered a lot more, but to me the damage done by such material out-weighted ten of your (in my view) worthy posts about interesting people, builds & uses for SL away from cheating on your spouse and typing with one hand.

      But, as I’ve said, it’s your blog and you can do what you like – my views mean nowt, fella.


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