Goodbye Cousin Adric

The man behind the avatar Adric Antfarm, died suddenly last weekend and I, like many others, will the miss him greatly. There is a post on his blog from his RL friend:

Filthy, funny, clever, vile and caring Adric was someone I never thought I’d like and found I loved. Sometimes the targets for his anger or amusement made me wince, but invariably the core of what he said was true. Adric didn’t just hold up a mirror to all of our hypocrisies, but he smacked us in the face with it and called us tossers. Or fucking dickwad tossers to be more precise. Anyone who knows me knows I like swearing, and Adric swore like a navvy with his cock trapped in a door.

Another great thing about Adric was his ability to piss Prok AND Hamlet off at the same time. Neither knew what to do with him and for that alone he should be knighted. In fact the only people of note in the top SL bloggers who got him were Dale & Crap, which was a tribute to Crap considering how much Adric took the piss out of the Second Lie (anti-)gestalt on Twitter.

His blog had a hardcore of regular readers and commenters and I’d like to think I was in that number. To think I’ll never see his entry in my Google Reader go black with unread goodies again makes me very, very sad.

I don’t believe in god, heaven or anything after we die, but that doesn’t stop me smiling to think right now he’s clogging up the Almighty’s free-wifi with porn and endless YouTubes of idiots fighting on live TV or public transport.

I’m raising my cup of tea (if it helps, it’s strong tea) to you cousin Antfarm, you part Welsh, part Native American, all American bobby dazzler!

I’ll miss you, mate.


As ever, timezone differences meant I never really got to meet Adric in SL – he did come to the last season of The Show Must Go On and I snapped these shots of the handsome bastard 😉
TSMGO (Halloween Special) - 31st October 2009

TSMGO - 4th July 2009


  1. I’m very sorry to hear it… I didn’t know him myself, but I remember seeing his comments here frequently. He sounds like he was an amazing person.

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