Steal Head: The Story So Far (part 2)…

Steal Head: The Story So Far…

The great thing about multi-participant RP is the sheer scope of posts and photos that people post to their blogs. Unfortunately it can mean that it’s hard to follow the ebb and flow of the tale and sometime you can miss whole chunks. To try and address that I’m going to try and gather all the links in some sort of chronological order… wish me luck!


The tale begins…
Lucy Tornado has a terrible dream.
A strange find aboard the Blessed Fortitude.
A murder in Shamian Alley.
Dr Beck has a nightmare.

All across Steelhead, people start having nightmares… ((An OOC call to join in the nightmares!))
Nish Mip
Jules Darkwatch
Softpaw Sommer
Krystine Qinan
Eladrienne Laval
Jonathon Spires
Belle Milneaux
Linus Lacombe
Mara Razor & Zaida Marie Thibideaux Gearbox
Rand Toxx
Skyler Grant
Clara Corryong
Annechen Lowey
Amarantis Belfire
Kitlalmina Quetzal Nightfire
Mara Elisabeta Hâjdău/Mary Haiku
HeadBurro Antfarm
TotalLunar Eclipse
Mara Elisabeta Hâjdău/Mary Haiku
Amarantis Belfire

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the first time…
First Letter

A vandal paints graffiti around town
Ryne’s first report
Ryne’s second report
Softpaw’s report
Rand Toxx’s report
Frau Lowey’s Notice to her Staff

A message is revealed and the Sentinel is on the case!
Part 1
Part 2
The Sentinel Article

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the second time…
Second Letter

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the third time & Capt Creighton delivers a photograph…
Third Letter & Photograph

Steal Head Arrives in Town!
As Dr Beck’s deals with one crisis, another is swiming towards shore
Polish Bob welcomes his new Master with a gift
Ya Yiwama starts his collection

Lunar calls for an expedition to the site of the photograph.
Lunar’s letter to Captain Creighton

Dr Beck writes to the Town Council for the fourth time & Capt Creighton delivers a photograph from the expedition…
Fourth Letter & Second Photograph

More from around Steelhead on the spate of vicious murders! ((An OOC call to join in the murderous fun!))
Softpaw Sommer surveys a murder scene and leaves Dr Beck a gift.
Belle Milneaux discovers a body on her doorstep.
Cerise Blackheart has a terrible vision.
Cerise Blackheart seems help from Gunstling Messenger.
Alana Steamweaver finds yet another headless corpse.
Frau Lowey is under the weather…
…but is soon on the mend!
Dr Beck wites to the Town Council for a fifth time rgarding the creture now known as Steal Head!
The Steelhead Sentinel covers the murders, including that of a suspected SWAT Nun!
Softpaw Sommer captures the grizzly scene outside the Town Hall.
Kate Inglewood ponders her safety in Harbouside.
Miss Clara Corryond finds even Dolls are not spared the Monster’s attention.
Captain VelesJaeger Munster investigates the murders.
Sheriff Ortega, VelesJaeger Munster & Miss Narcisa make a terrible discovery in the old Boomtown Sunstone Mines!
Finding His collection missing, Steal Head prepares to find a new, more secure lair.
The Yakuza are warned…
Dr Beck contemplates the beast in his journal.
Ol’ Steal Head claims a Scamp at Miss Razor’s mill!
Mr Rock Michigan goes mising whilst fishing…
The Sheriff receives aid from a very unlikely source…
Miss Narcissa Requiem , a concerned citizen, writes to the sheriff with some vital information on the whereabouts of the beast!
Dr Beck makes a terrible find… and something terrible finds him!
Dr Beck finds himself in the lair of the beast and at the mercy of Steal Head himself!
Steal Head sees something special in Dr Beck…
Xephronia Warbaum of The Sentinel reports on Mr Michigan & Dr Beck’s disapperances.
Mr Rock michigan is found safe and well!
Meanwhile, Miss Clara Corryong begins to rebuild her mother…


Steal Head: To be continued…

All “Steal Head” posts can be read on my blog here and on the Steelhead Ning here.


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