All Aboard The Heimdall!

Remember my tour of Steelhead with the suave Mr Creighton? Well in that post I promised to show you more of his luxury yacht, Heimdall (named after the Norse God) and here it is 🙂

This airship is huge!
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_001

Just look at the chains Paul has to employ to lash it down!
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_008

Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_007

And look at the wingspan!
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_004

Not only is it huge, it’s amazingly plush…
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_006

The view from the cockpit on top is very impressive…
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_009

Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_010

Inside Mr Creighton has added every modcon available, from map displays…
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_012

…to fully functioning bathrooms…
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_013

…comfortable sitting rooms…
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_014

…and even beautiful greenhouses!
Paul Creighton and the Heimdall_015

A beautiful craft, I’m sure you’ll agree 🙂 Don’t forget, if you are interested in contacting Paul about a tour (or attending one of his weekly flying tea parties) please do drop him a line and tell him Dr Beck sent you 🙂 You can also find him on the Steelhead Ning where his is part of the Airship group.



    1. Yeah – he has a few airships and submarines and holds weekly tours that people love. I had this post ready to post back in July, but when SL pissed me off last time I rescheduled all my waiting posts and shut my blog down.

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