Steal Head: Chapter 8 – A Fourth Letter to the Town Council

Dear Esteemed Members of the Town Council,

I have limited time to report I fear, but here goes. A murderer is loose on our streets! Four poor souls have been found decapitated in the last twenty four hours whilst a fifth person, a young serving girl, is still missing. On top of that, an expedition in to the deep waters off Steelhead (led by Captain Paul Creighton with myself and Miss Bobbijo Jonson on board) nearly ended in disaster after the the submarine was attacked and badly damaged by a creature so far unidentified. I have attached a photograph taken from inside the vessel.
Sub Trip_024

I am currently receiving treatment for a head wound sustained in the attack and will report more fully when I can. In the meantime if any citizens wish to inform me of any more murders, please post the details and photos to the Ning tagged with “Steal Head”.

Yours in endeavour,
Rynhold Beck (Dr.)
13 to 14 Shamian Alley,
Shanghai, Stlhd.


To be continued…

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