Steal Head: Chapter 5 – Town Hall Meeting (31st August)

Notes from the minutes of the Stelhead Town Hall meeting dated 31st August.

The following was received from Dr. Beck:

Dear Esteemed Members of the Town Council,

At last the incidents of people experiencing nightmares seems to have peaked and gone into decline with last night being the first night with no new cases! I and others (Frau Lowey’s staff & the newly arrived team of investigators from Babbage) are still endeavoring to determine what caused such a strange outbreak of mass-hysteria, but as yet there are no new leads or breakthroughs. I will, of course, keep you informed, but I have my fingers crossed that these terrible dreams will fade from people’s memories in no time and life will continue as always in the city.

Which brings me to my next point: to wit the explosion in the sampan lagoon below the Dragon Lands Hotel in Shanghai that laid ruin to a raised rail car house and the wooden bridge beneath it.. I’m unsure as to what the SWAT team and our own sheriff have uncovered, but I feel I need to report that the whispers in the alleys of Shamian tell me this was not an accident unloading a consignment of fireworks, but rather a directed assassination attempt by the Bing Kong Tong on the Dragon Lady herself! I’m sure I don’t need to spell out just how bad for us all (especially those of us living in the slums) a gang war between the Tong and the Dragon would be. I will make further discrete enquiries and pass on any information I glean to the sheriff.

Yours in endeavour,
Rynhold Beck (Dr.)
13 to 14 Shamian Alley,
Shanghai, Stlhd.


There was also a missive sent to Lunar’s office this morning from Captal Paul Creighton:

“It is my duty to report that I have apparently captured an image of “Steal Head” on photographic film. During a routine submarine survey of the waters in and around Steelhead, I was taking turbidity measurements by photograph. The included plate was part of that series.

When it was developed. my photographic assistant became hysterical and started ranting about “Steal Head” and having some dreams in which she was decapited. I realized that her words may be of some use, so I quickly began to write down verbatim her rantings. She continued with, “He’s climbin’ in your windows. He’s snatchin’ your people up, tryna decapitate ’em so y’all need to hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband, cuz they’re decapitatin’ errbody out here.” At which point, she collapsed, I assume, from the hysteria.

Steal Head seen by Paul C_002b

Captain Paul T. Creighton


To be continued…

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  1. MY GOD! I saw that in my dreams! I dreamt an angel was fighting a fish-man in my store! The angel told me to run, but my body was gone! So my head rolled down the steps, got singed is at it bounced off the boiler, rolled out to the pier and into the harbor! Then I woke up screaming!

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