Steal Head: Chapter 3 – A Second Letter to the Town Council

Dear Esteemed Members of the Town Council,

As you are no doubt aware the incidents of shared dreams, or rather nightmares, have risen over the last week but I have to say that I am so far at a loss to explain what is causing them. Frau Lowey’s staff have been conducting many experiments to see if there are poisons present in the water supply, soil or air but so far all tests are proving negative in their findings. I have been studying the pattern and locations of the ‘incidents’ but once again no answers are forthcoming. Of course we will keep looking, especially after the panic caused by the madman scrawling the messages all over town, but I am at a loss as to what to try next. It is possible that some change or mutation in whatever is causing these dreams will present itself and that will allow us to at last get a purchase on the problem, or it may be that the event ends as mysteriously as it began, I simply can not say.

One interesting development from Frau Lowey is she has noticed that people of a strong faith (irregardless of what that faith is) seem to be troubled far less, and sometimes not at all, by these night terrors. Why this should be I can not say but I rather believe that the speculation of some form of mental energy attacking the city currently popular in certain quarters is very unhelpful. Not only is it obviously unscientific, but the sight of fully-grown Jeagers wearing little pointy tin-foil hats is comedic in the extreme and I fear it is only a matter of time before one’s natural inclination to giggle at such a spectacle leads to several cases of severe mauling landing at my door! If they must wear them, maybe they could be hidden under some of their especially floppy hats?

In the meantime, I would ask that the good people of this town still be encouraged to come forward and inform me of any dreams they have so I can collect as full a picture as possible of the outbreak. I have recorded all the current ones in the town archives ( for people to read and make reference to.

Yours in endeavour,
Rynhold Beck (Dr.)
13 to 14 Shamian Alley,
Shanghai, Stlhd.


To be continued…

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