SL on hold again.

Right. We’ve all been here before so I’m not going to bore you with details, suffice to say SL is once again proving to be a total twat and I’m just not enjoying the misery of trying to log in only to see grey boxes everywhere. I’m not logging back in for a bit and I’m not blogging about it either – the whole bubblefuck can can fall off a very steep fucking cliff for all I care. I’ll stick to Left 4 Dead 2 for now because at least that fucking well works and is fun.

Any RP I’m involved in, well consider me on hold. Email me if you want to otherwise I’ll try again in August.


    1. I’ll be back, but RL is busy and I just don’t have the time and energy for SL’s many annoyances right now. I had 30 minutes to pop in and take one photo last night, but some annoying texture bug put paid to it and my temper did the rest.

  1. Sorry to hear about your SL woes, HBA. Hope you come back soon.

    I’ll have to check out the Kapor/Rosedale area and the new Mole work. Thanks for reporting on it!

  2. awwwwww! but you took such fab pix at RFL sims! I got maybe 5 good shots there — the lag was atrocious :-/

  3. *pokes HBA with a stick* SL has been a bitch lately with the grey boxes and my personal favorite – borked sim crossings. Just don’t stay away too long, mate.

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