Easter Eggs in Kapor

Y’know how the Moles have been working over in Kapor?

Well I’ve been popping back to see what they’ve been up to and back in March Naughty Mole finished her work there (as well as in neigbouring Rosedale – more of that in a future post) and it’s very different from her work in Murray. In place of Murray’s seaside charm she’s slapped on a thick layer of camp Easter fun…

The eggs and lolipops are clickable for wearable goodies and the bunnies are hoppy floppy cute 🙂
Kapor_002 Kapor_003

But best of all are the rideable egg-balloon things – there is simply no macho way of sitting on them 😀


Get yourself over there and have a poke about – it’s good, clean, silly fun and who doesn’t need some of that every now and then, eh?



  1. I went there (I live fairly close) when the build was first announced, back in the appropriate season. It definitely oozes cute.

    More recently, while on the Da Boom side of the strait, I looked across, saw that Easter still reigned on the strip of beach the Moles had raised, chuckled and shook my head.

    “Let’s do the time warp again…”

    1. I like what Naughty Mole has done, but I have to question the Easter Theme given how long it takes to make-over a sim – Kapor & Rosedale will be forever Easter I suspect. Still, they are better than they were 😀

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