Time for tea!

One of the things I miss about England, even the nightmare my England had become before I slipped between worlds and found myself in Steelhead, is tea. Proper tea from the Empire’s slopes of Assam or Ceylon, strong and the colour of honeyed oak with boiling water poured over the leaves and allowed to stew for at least three minutes with the milk poured in afterwards, always afterwards, never before.

When I washed up here, and I mean that quite literally, I was staggered by the kindness of the Steelhead community for taking me in, but over the months I’ve lived here, slowly becoming part of that community, there’s been one thing I’ve missed more than anything (well, almost anything but this is a light-hearted missive after all) and that is tea. A cuppa. A brew. Char. Ye Gods! For all their invention and creative prowess, these colonials have no idea about making decent tea – but then what do you expect from a nation inclined to throw perfectly good tea into harbours, eh?

Yet no desert is without an oasis or two and Steelhead’s own tea-Sharara has one rather amazing watering hole in the form of Miss Softpaw Sommer‘s Tea Gardens in the Capital City. It’s quite a cycle for me, but entirely worth it because if there is one thing Miss Softpaw knows it’s how to make a bloody good pot of tea! Add to that the amazing and ever-changing nature of her gardens and I challenge anyone to find a place more suited to enjoying heaven’s own drink! Pop over here (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Steelhead/30/140/30) and see for yourself…

Time for tea_001

Time for tea_002



  1. I was going to say I love me some tea but I fear that it being cold and icy, very sweet, lemon flavored, and from a machine down the hall would be less the bonding moment I hoped and more some savage yank destroying yet another britz thing.

    Got to go. Time to play soccer with a round ball and maybe some football with an egg ball.

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