Returning to Blue Mars

A couple of months ago I was talking to Riven Homewood about Caledon’s outpost in Blue Mars, Caledonia when I realised I hadn’t been back to Mars for months. I decided I’d kill two birds with one stone and see both the new city and what changes had come to the platform.

Now before I tell you what I thought let me say that I do like BM (it looks gorgeous and I like the way the company handle their public image) and I admire what the Caledon/Caledonia designers have set out to do.

That out of the way I can’t see myself dropping SL for BM anytime soon – the UI is still really basic, the avs are still pug ugly and the world (and Caledonia) is still empty. I can’t change my look, build anything or take a picture. For me at least there’s simply nothing to do. Yet…

Anyhoo, here’s some shots I took using Fraps – I doubt I’ll be back to BM for another six months, unless the UI and features suddenly get better but I just get the feeling it’s going to be a beautiful shopping place than a roleplaying arena. But what do I know?
BlueMars 2010-04-30 11-41-15-26

BlueMars 2010-04-30 11-42-22-39

BlueMars 2010-04-30 11-42-40-70

BlueMars 2010-04-30 11-45-01-75

Pre-Posting Edit: By the time you read this, these shots will be a month old and the original text a couple of weeks (I schedule 90% of my posts weeks in advance and then shift them around a lot as stuff happens – this post was originally scheduled for the end of July but I brought it forward as I’m currently exploring other worlds). Since I wrote this at the beginning of June quite a bit has happened to BM if the email newsletter I received today is to be believed. There is a shop open in Caledonia, meet & greets with Blu$ prizes are taking place, people are developing new skins & looks and there is even classes in roleplay going on. The last two float my boat big style. I’m still not jumping in yet – the UI is just horrible and the lack of snapshot feature annoys me as regular readers to this blog (all three of you) will know all to well – but this is promising and maybe I’ll go back sooner than the six months I mentioned above.



  1. Yeah, still rudimentary. I check back periodically, and have come to the same conclusion as you. The world looks great in some regards (even as it taxes my system), but it has a ways to go in terms of user-created content and, um, users.

    I keep rooting for it, though.

    1. Yeah, I have warm feelings towards it as well based entirely on the way they have handled their PR – they seem like a nice bunch 🙂

  2. Yeah – I don’t see BM ever being a “log in, download some textures, place on prims, sell prims” sort of place.
    Avatar customization is really in a push right now, meshes have been released to developers so folks are making skins and hair like crazy. Still very much in Beta, but folks are figuring out how to make it and how to make it work, so I expect that to get much better.
    If you enjoy watching something brand new develop and grow from a lump of clay to a great work, stop in frequently.
    It just keeps getting Betta and Betta 🙂

    1. Hi Fogwoman – do I take it you are part of the Caledonia team? And I promise, I’ll start to come by more often – especially if RP is going to feature from an early stage.

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